Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an emotional journey. Sometimes, these emotions are not always positive – especially when you are trying to find a crib which will fit any of your small rooms. The problem with cribs is that they are designed, for the greatest majority, to compliment the parents’ ego and are really too big for studios and small apartments. A baby needs to feel safe and comfortable in a clean crib – not in a mansion sized constructions. Feeling sympathetic with all the parents trying to find an adequate crib for the space they have available, we embarked on a journey of searching for cribs for small spaces. This is what we found:

#1 The Foldable Crib

This is one of our top finds – we liked the solid look, keeping the baby safely contained inside it, and the possibility to fold it in like an accordion and put it away whenever it is not necessary. Being easy to fold in and out, you can save a lot of space in the room while the baby is awake and active and then set it up for the afternoon nap or fort the night.

small crib 9

Source: Thewisebaby

#2 The Lightweight Textile Crib

This model of crib is very useful if you intend to keep the baby by your side, with the crib installed right next to your bed. One of the top advantages of this model of crib is the generous storage space, both under the bassinet and in the side pouches attached to the crib. Another advantage which recommends this crib for small spaces is the set of castor wheels, making it easy to move from one place to another.

small crib 10

Source: Achildgrows

#3 The Moses Crib

All movies and drawings presenting the story of Moses depict the same type of crib: shaped like a small boat with a cover curbing up at one end. The Moses crib is extremely comfortable for any baby, and takes up little space. Installed on a system of legs with castor wheels, it becomes fully portable around the house. And you will get extra points for creativity from your family and friends.

small crib 2

Source: Apartmenttherapy 

#4 The Old Time Cradle

Cradles are something belonging to the last century which badly need to make a big comeback. A cradle takes up little space, is snug enough to make the baby feel as safe as in the womb, and the gentle movement can always lull them to sleep. Add a thin curtain protecting the baby from insects, and you have created the perfect little heaven for the youngest addition to your family.

small crib 7

Source: Houzz

#5 The Convertible Crib

This model of crib is extremely useful – it will save you both space and money, because it can be converted into a single bed once your baby grows up. Made of solid wood and with various transitions available (daybed, headboard bed) this is the kind of furniture which represents a wise investment for your family.

small crib 3

Source: Babble

#6 The Hanging Crib

Is that a boat? Or a hammock? No, it is simply a very creative and space saving crib which your baby will love. Made of soft, but sturdy materials, this kind of crib can be installed even in the parents’ bedroom and used as a swing as the baby grows older.

small crib 1

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#7 The Portable Crib

This type of crib is usually bought by parents who travel a lot with their baby. However, it is just as useful for parents living in a small apartment and who need a lightweight, easy to set up and fold down crib which can be moved from room to room as necessary. After all, it only matters that your baby is comfortable, sleeping in a clean and safe crib, right?

small crib 6

Source: Houzz

#8 The DaVinci Crib

This is a model of crib especially designed for small apartment. The solid look in the photo belies the compact size, easily fitting any corner. As one extra feature which recommends the DaVinci crib: the castor wheels help you move the crib around the house. Once you remove them, you can turn the crib into a rocking cradle to help your baby fall asleep easier.

small crib 4

Source: Babble

#9 The Crib with Storage Drawer

This crib will help you save some space in the baby’s room by removing one dresser. The generous storage space offered by the pull out drawer which has the same area as the bottom of the crib is sufficient to help you arrange the baby’s clothes and even a few diapers.

small crib 8

Source: Thewisebaby

#10 The Round Crib

This adorable retro crib takes up little space, and has an elevated arm allowing you to attach various toys for the baby to play with. It has one of those timeless designs which will always look good in any nursery.

small crib 5

Source: Houzz

This concludes the list of our recommendations of cribs for small spaces. We hope that you liked at least one of them and you got rid at least of one worry while waiting for your baby’s birth.

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