Inviting friends over for lunch or for a chat over drinks is rather challenging if your living room is really small. A large 5-seater would take up most of the space in the living room, and make the room look even smaller than it already is. Armchairs are also large and can take up a lot of space. The solution for such rooms is replacing the traditional sofa with a sectional or modular couch. These pieces of furniture are designed for multiple configurations, according to the size of the room and the number of persons using it. We have browsed various designs and selected 10 sectionals for small rooms which would look good in any living room:

#1 The Retro Sofa

This type of sofa is not a sectional, but it does look great in a small room. The simple design, with high legs and no armrests create the illusion of less space taken by the sofa than it actually does. It can be placed either against the wall or in the middle of the room with the same visual effect.

small sectional 1

Source: Westelm

#2 A Shout from the Future

On the opposite stylistic side of the retro sofa, this ultra-modern sofa features a bold color mix, surprising and sleek lines and the capacity of rearranging its main elements in various configurations. It is a statement sofa, which will look amazing in a young family’s living room.

small sectional 9

Source: Foter

#3 Bet on White

Yes, we know, white upholstery is difficult to clean and maintain fresh looking. However, if you have a really small living room, a white sofa can become almost invisible, especially if you place it against a white painted wall. It is a matter of choosing the challenge you have to deal with – cleaning the sofa or having a living room which looks really small and crowded with furniture.

small sectional 8

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#4 Create a Cozy Corner

This compact sized sectional can offer sufficient seating space. Combined with a chair of the same color and a small coffee table right in the middle, it will give the impression of a cozy, intimate corner, not a cramped and crowded room. For added effect, place the entire arrangement close to a window.

small sectional 2

Source: Homedesignlover

#5 Make Use of Corners

While many decorating tips for small room advise against placing furniture right next to the wall, in the case of this sectional sofa the placement in the corner is advisable. This arrangement does not look as if the owners are trying to squeeze a lot of furniture in the room and also creates a great contrast with the chairs and the wall.

small sectional 4

Source: Homestratosphere

#6 The U-Shape Sofa

This room is long and very narrow. The only possibility to arrange sufficient seating for several friends was to place a U-shaped sectional sofa at one end of the room, with a very narrow coffee table in the middle. Nearly all of the room is occupied by the sofa, but there was really no other option in such a challenging space.

small sectional 7

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#7 The Minimalist Sofa

This model of sofa is recommended for small rooms from two reasons: it has a neutral color and very little design features. Also, it can be detached in two different pieces, and arranged in a large variety of configurations around other pieces of furniture.

small sectional 5

Source: Homestratosphere

#8 The Love Seat

This light turquoise love seat will look charming in any room. It offers 2 seats, just perfect for a newly wed couple and takes very little space. Thus, it is possible to add more seating by arranging one or two armchair with a simple, space saving design.

small sectional 3

Source: Westelm

#9 Double Duty Sofa

This retro model features a separate ottoman which doubles as storage solution. You can lift the seat and place various items, such a dishes, a coffee set or cocktail glasses inside it. Thus, you can dispense with a cabinet and have a less cluttered living room.

small sectional 10

Source: Foter

#10 The Ultra-Modular Sofa

We have counted at least 10 ways in which you can arrange this sectional sofa, by folding up or down sections of the back rest and the arm rests. Whether you are having dinner with a friend or with your extended family, everyone will feel comfortable.

small sectional 6

Source: Homestratosphere

We hope that you have liked at least one of these beautiful sectionals for small rooms and you find the best way to furnish your living room so that it feels cozy, comfortable and spacious.

Disclaimer: Although some of the products featured in this article are sourced to their manufacturers or distributor, we are not affiliated with, or gaining any revenues from these manufacturer and we do not endorse them in any way.


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