Autumn means many things for many people. For parents, it means back to school preparations. Satchels, lunch boxes, books and notebooks, writing supplies -they cost quite a lot. And they add up to the variety of items in a small home. Plus, most of the time children misplace their school things and there is lots of time lost looking for them, when you are already on a tight schedule to get to work. This is where we step in to make your life easier with a few simple and effective back to school organization hacks to get your children settled in their new routine.

#1 Create a Homework Station

Office organizers or plastic caddies are perfect to arrange pens, pencils, erasers, colored crayons and all the other supplies your child needs for doing homework. Make sure it is well supplied to last for a month or two and you no longer have to stop whatever you are doing to find a specific pen or magic eraser for your child.

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Source: GoodHousekeeping

#2 Have an After School Organizer In Your Car

Commute from work to home gives children plenty of time to start working on projects, relax and draw or even munch on a few snacks. A simple shoe organizer attached to the back of your driving seat will provide your children with everything they need to stay entertained and engaged in an activity.

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Source: MarthaStewart

#3 Create a Backpack Station in the Entryway

Say good bye to precious minutes lost while your kids look for their backpacks all over the house. This clever and busy mom installed  second coat hanger in the entryway exclusively for her kids’ school backpacks. Leaving for school in the morning works like a breeze now.

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Source: LifeStorage

#4 Keep Supplies Satchels Tied to the Chair

Extra notebooks, paper sheets for drawing, rulers and triangles – all these items which a child might need while doing homework are neatly arranged by this smart mom in a satchel attached to the chair. This is the simplest way to remove clutter from the desk and make sure your children have everything they need to work on school projects.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#5 Use Clothes Lines for Children’s Artwork

Children love to boast with and display their drawings made in school. But they are also prone to misplace them and then a deluge of tear follows when they can’t find their super hero action scene. A resourceful family found a simple solution to this never ending problem: clothes lines and clothespins to attach each drawing and display it in a visible place.

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Source: Lushome

#6 Create a Bed Desk

Some children just can’t be bothered to sit on a chair at their desk to do their homework. Sitting in bed is more comfortable, but without a suitable mobile desk, their task of writing and drawing will be very difficult. This simple DIY bed desk solves the problem and can be made from wood panes or pieces of sturdy cardboard.

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Source: GoodHousekeeping

#7 Designate a Command Center

Just like in the army, families need to be well organized and know exactly what each family member has to do and what their daily schedule is. This family keeps the school timetable, the list of chores, extra school supplies and memo notes on a wall mounted caddy with shelves and cubby holes. Space saving and efficient, the command center helps you keep track of your children’s different school schedules without any mix-ups.

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Source: MarthaStewart

#8 Repurpose Empty Can as Supplies Organizers

Colored crayons grouped by color, scissors, erasers, permanent markers – every item is neatly arranged and labeled in empty cans. In this way, your children can go and get whatever item they need and you always know when they are running low on any of the school supplies they need.

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Source: LifeStorage

#9 Organize Clothes by Day

Work with your children to establish what they want to wear throughout the week and arrange each complete outfit on a dedicated shelf. You won’t believe how much time this simple hack saves!

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Source: Buzzfeed

#10 Arrange the Homework Corner like a Classroom

Children are more likely to get in the right mood to do homework if their assigned corner reminds them of the classroom. This family installed a blackboard, a large roll of paper for drawing and their child simply loves this homework corner.

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Source: Lushome

And we’ve reached the end of our recommendations. What other back to school organization hacks do you use at home to keep your schedule under control?

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