Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are sure that you are already super busy planning for the dinner, hunting down the biggest turkey and sending out invitations to your loved ones. During such a rushed period, it is only natural to overlook one aspect or another, or simply have too little time to deal with them. This is why we decided to lift a burden off your shoulders: deciding on the type of centerpiece to put on the Thanksgiving table. Centerpieces have become as important as the star of the meal – the turkey – and many people go to great and expensive lengths to get one from home decor stores. However, we think that the best ones are those you make together with your family, so we will share with you ten beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

#1 A Special Type of Scented Candles

Everyone loves scented candles for special occasion dinners. For the cold season, fragrances of cinnamon and apples are the most sought after. Here is a simple way to create a beautiful and scented centerpiece: use apples as candle holders. This simple and charming solution will create a fresh scent all over the Thanksgiving table and it takes little time and effort to create.

centerpiece 2

Source: CountryLiving

#2 Wheat and Colors

Wheat ears make great decorations during the fall. They represent the bountiful harvest which will ensure a prosperous life for the entire family. For Thanksgiving, wheat ears are among the best elements to use for a centerpiece. This family chose to wrap colored thread around each ear and the result is eye popping, indeed.

centerpiece 3

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#3 A Rustic Touch

A retro bowl, old antlers, pine cones and a few fruit – these are the key ingredients of this rustic and charming Thanksgiving centerpiece. The mix of natural elements follows the spirit of this celebration of being grateful for everything Mother Earth offers us.

centerpiece 6

Source: HouseBeautiful

#4 A Little Fun for the Children’s Table

Children usually have their own separate table, where they can enjoy a special selection of foods and make friends. This clever mom created a fun and delicious centerpiece out of pieces of fruit, candy and nuts, with a friendly turkey cut-out stuck to each bowl. This is a best of both worlds option if you want to make sure that your kids will eat their fruit and veggies and not just candies.

centerpiece 8

Source: HGTV

#5 You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers

Flowers always make a great choice as centerpieces. Some flowers flowers, such as chrysanthemums, are ideal as Thanksgiving centerpieces, because their usual range of colors matches any fall themed color palette.

centerpiece 10

Source: ElleDecor

#6 Pumpkin Vase

Here is a simple and creative use of the versatile pumpkin: as a vase for flowers, or bowl for fruit or salads. Your guests will certainly love this simple and beautiful arrangement.

centerpiece 1

Source: CountryLiving

#7 Bay Leaves Votive Candles

Votive candles represent your well wishes sent up to heavens, whatever your beliefs may be. Bay leaves have been used from the most ancient times as scented herbs for various rituals, but also in the kitchen, for adding a special fragrance to food. Wrapped with bay leaves, your votive candles will be a beautiful and scented addition to your Thanksgiving table.

centerpiece 4

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#8 The Cornucopia

A symbol of abundance since the time of the Ancient Egypt, the cornucopia represents abundance and prosperity. The horn overflowing with fruit, vegetables and grains is one of the most beneficial symbols to place on your Thanksgiving table. Traditions say that everyone who touches it will enjoy good health, wealth and prosperity.

centerpiece 5

Source: HouseBeautiful

#9 A Symmetrical Display

Two beautiful bouquets of flowers flank a tiered bowl laden with delicious fall fruit. If you love symmetry, you will probably go ahead and try this Thanksgiving centerpiece. We fully support you in your choice: it adds a touch of elegance to your special dinner.

centerpiece 7

Source: HGTV

#10 A Touch of Gold

Golden tones fit very well in a fall color palette and add style and a luxurious touch to any decorations. This family opted for golden spray paint to gild pumpkins. The overall effect is sophisticated and elegant, fit for a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

centerpiece 9

Source: ElleDecor

And voila, we have reached the end of our list of Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas! We are sure that you will like at least one of our recommendations. As always, please feel free to share your own ideas with us. Happy Thanksgiving!


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