There is a time for everything Рand as the summer is drawing to an end it is time to start refurbishing your heating installations. Today we will be focusing on the fireplace. Many  new houses have electric fireplaces, while older ones still have traditional firewood fireplaces. Over time, these architectural elements will get damaged by heat and smoke; or their design and looks become outdated. Refurbishing a fireplace is not cheap, but there are ways to update its look without breaking the piggy bank. We have taken a look at how other people dealt with this issue and found 10 inspirational budget fireplace makeovers.

#1 A Splash of Color

When the fireplace is structurally sound and has a nice design, but it still looks out of place an unimpressive, maybe it’s time to make it pop out with a fresh coat of paint. This family chose a cheerful orange, accentuated by white accents and a colorful painting.

fireplace 1

Source: HGTV

#2 Simplicity Makes the Difference

This fireplace had a busy design with fake brass elements, as well as the unflattering red oil paint above it. It was not a thing of beauty at all – until it underwent a simple redecoration. The dark red paint was replaced by cool powder blue, and all the unnecessary decorations were removed. A fresh coat of white paint now makes the fireplace stand out in its simple and dignified beauty.

fireplace 3

Source: Curbly

#3 A Natural State

An unfortunate design decision made this family paint the brickwork around their fireplace in boring white. Thus, the entire wall looked without character and rather unkempt. Reverting the fireplace to its initial rustic look made all the difference: it now exude warmth and gives the entire room a welcoming, homey atmosphere.

fireplace 6

Source: SheKnows

#4 Appearances Matter

Not having the budget to place actual tiles around and in front of their fireplace, this family chose a faux tile look which offers protection against accidental sparks and makes the fireplace look elegant and stately. One key element to remember in choosing treatments of decorations for the fireplace is to make sure they are fireproof (even for electric fireplaces).

fireplace 8

Source: Remodelaholic

#5 A Clean-up Job

This fireplace made of natural stone looked absolutely overbearing in a small sized room. Years of use had darkened the stones and the overall look was dark and unpleasant. Instead of covering up with paint or other materials, this family opted for a deep clean, restoring the facade to its original look. Now it is truly a warm and pleasant corner of the room.

fireplace 9afireplace 9

Source: BHG

#6 Fiesta Style

Hola, that is truly a beautiful fireplace! Remade in the Mexican style, with colorful tiles, this was a pleasant DIY project for a family with a tight budget and a huge imagination. We are sure this coming winter will feel very mellow in front of this amazing looking fireplace.

fireplace 2

Source: HGTV

#7 Paint Me Pretty

This very unpleasant looking fireplace only needed a spark of imagination to show its true beauty. Chalk paint defined faux brickwork against the charcoal background. Solid and dignified, the fireplace will now gather people around it, instead of sending them away.

fireplace 4

Source: Curbly

#8 A Touch of Personality

There was nothing wrong with this family’s fireplace, except its lackluster, boring aspect. Neither the large tiles, nor the wooden mantelpiece did it any favors. Instead, this family opted for a simple mosaic pattern made of small tiles and a fresh coat of white paint. Also, the useless shallow niche above the fireplace was covered with decorative wooden beams.

fireplace 5

Source: SheKnows

#9 An Upgrade from the Flea Market

The bleached brickwork fireplace needed just one accessory to stand out in the room, and this resourceful family found it at the flea market: an impressive, wrought iron fire guard. Do not overlook the thrift stores and garage sales – you can always find a hidden gem at a bargain price.

fireplace 7

Source: Remodelaholic

#10 Filling Up Spaces

This family was not happy with the design of the fireplace, leaving so much unused space to its side. A few wooden shelves and a built-in cupboard changed that. Now they can enjoy warmth and put every available space to good use.

fireplace 10afireplace 10

Source: BHG

These are just a few examples, but we are sure that you can come up with many other budget fireplace makeovers. When you set your mind to make your house more welcoming and livable, you will always find the right solution, even on a tight budget. Do not hesitate to share your own remodeling works with us!


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