As anyone living in a house with small rooms, it takes a lot of creativity and effort to create the illusion of extra space and disguise the fact that you can barely make a few steps in a bedroom, living room or dining room. There is the trick with mirror, pastel colors, small pieces of furniture, and all the other tips and ideas we have already discussed in our blog posts. Today we will discuss another creative way of making your room appear more spacious and welcoming: by placing small rugs on the floor and creating functional and visual islands of space. Here are some interesting ways in which other people use these types of rugs for small spaces:

#1. A Warm, Rustic Touch

This hand crocheted round rug is adding a visual point of interest in a small room painted in white to make it look bigger. The issue with having an entire room painted in white or any other neutral color is that the eye has no point of reference for appreciating depth, width and height. This colorful rug ads this much needed point of reference – and looks quite pretty, as well.

round rug 10

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#2 Place Several Round Rugs

The best way to create the illusion of space is by placing several round rugs of the same color and model one over the other. If you start looking closely at them, they create the illusion of motion, of expanding space. And no one is left standing with their feet directly on the floor, either.

round rug 9

Source: Decoist

#3 Create a Reading Corner

The round rug placed in front of the armchair acts like a barrier – it says “this person reads here, do not disturb”. It is the simplest way to have a little space all for yourself, in a small room which you must share with others.

round rug 8

Source: Houzz

#4 Place the Rug Off Center of the Room

One mistake people make is to put the room mathematically in the center of the room. Such geometrical rigor will impress someone who loves order and precision, but it does not serve the purpose of creating the illusion of more space. The way this round rug is apparently negligently placed to the side of the room creates a supplementary point of visual interest.

round rug 3

Source: HGTV

#5 Match the Rug with the Table

Here is a simple trick to create a pleasant visual effect in a small room: place a round table atop a round rug. The perfect symmetry between the two attracts the look towards the middle of the room, and the size of the small room is ignored.

round rug 6

Source: Houzz

#6 Ethnic Prints Are Still Trending

There is an ongoing fascination with South American, African and Oriental patterns, colors and prints. A single item of decoration of this type can add lots of charm and coziness to a room. A beautiful rug with lively colors will certainly keep your family and guests guessing the meaning of the intricate patterns. They will not feel constrained in a small room, but in a magical place full of meaning and mysteries.

round rug 2

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#7 Create an Intimate Seating Area

As you step on the soft rug and sit on the sofa, you feel enclosed in a special area, delimited from the rest of the room. This area encourages conversation, confidences and intimacy. All this is achieved by the clever matching between the round rug and the sofa embracing its side.

round rug 4

Source: HGTV

#8 Create a Lively Contrast

This room is clearly balanced out in terms of color by the white walls and the bold, bright rug, armchair and table legs. In such a simple manner, you can turn a small and stuffy room into a pleasant, spacious one, where everyone can feel relaxed and at home.

round rug 1

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#9 Add Charm to The Nursery

A soft rug in a delicate pastel color will make the baby’s nursery more charming. It will also be very helpful once the baby becomes more active and starts crawling all over the floor.

round rug 7

Source: Houzz

#10 Go Bold with Animal Prints

Animal prints go in and out of fashion in terms of clothes, but they are always a pleasant distraction as decorations in the house. This family chose a zebra print rug and the room looks absolutely fabulous!

round rug 5


As you can see, round rugs have the ability to add charm, a point of visual interest and an original touch to a small room. This is the best way to distract people from noticing the small size of the room and to create a pleasant home for your family and friends.


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