There is nothing more annoying than having guests wait until the bathroom is free, even if they just need to freshen up a little. It is one of the disadvantages of living in a small apartment, but with a little creativity you can arrange a little powder room in a corner. Wait, what? A powder room in my tiny, cramped apartment? Yes, it is possible and it will not take too much of your living space. With a little imagination and the small powder room ideas we will share in this article, you will be able to arrange a functional powder room for your guests. Here are some great and practical recommendations:

#1 Bright Colors Make The Room Look Bigger

Worried that your guests will be annoyed by the very tight powder room? It will not seem so tiny and cramped if you paint it a light color, such as powder blue. It gives the space more depth, makes it feel airy, relaxed and comfortable.

powder room 1

Image source: Housebeautiful

#2 Be Creative with Decorations

It is a challenge finding adequate artwork or decorations for your small powder room. How about you use a very useful item, such as the towel, as decoration? Buy beautifully embroidered and colored towels and display them on a wall instead of decorations.

powder room 2

Image source: Housebeautiful

#3 Mirrored Furniture

A sink cabinet with mirrored surfaces will create the illusion of more space. It is both useful to keep cleaning materials inside and create a pleasant decor inside the powder room.

powder room 5

Image source: Traditionalhome

#4 Keep It Traditional

Do not try to reinvent the classic aspect of a powder room. A large mirror above a pedestal sink will not take a lot of space (or need a lot of money to purchase). Go for simple decorations and you will have a functional  and pleasant looking powder room.

powder room 6

Image source: Traditionalhome

#5 Bet On Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design in buildings and furniture is very popular right now. So, you can be both fashionable and careful with the used space if you choose this type of powder room furnishing. That’s quite surprising and refreshing, isn’t it?

powder room 10

Image source: Elledecor

#6 Make It Rustic

Rustic decor is timeless. It reminds us of grandpa’s house, of the mountain cabin, of the little house in the prairie…Plus, it is very affordable to install and furnish. It is one of those DIY projects you can complete during a weekend.

powder room 8

Image source: HuffingtonPost

#7 Choose a Lively Wallpaper

Those colorful butterflies create such a cheerful atmosphere in the powder room! It will be absolutely enchanting for your guests to spend a few minutes freshening up in here.

powder room 3

Image source: BHG

#8 Bold Print Wallpaper

You can keep your guests busy admiring the bold and over-sized patterns on the wallpaper and they won’t even notice how small your powder room is.

powder room 7

Image source: Traditionalhome

#9 Simple Decor Works Best

A whitewashed wooden stand with a bow type sink and a large mirror combines minimalistic design and the rustic atmosphere (and most of the furnishings can be recycled from older cabinets).

powder room 4

Image source: BHG

#10 Use Narrow Tiles

Narrow tiles create a sense of movement and depth. This optical illusion makes your powder room look larger and more spacious than it is in fact.

powder room 9

Image source: Elledecor

We chose the suggestions above to fit any type of home decoration style, from classic to modern. We hope that at least one of these small powder room ideas will help you create your own little corner both for your family and your guests.


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