Every woman needs her special corner, where she keeps the secrets to her unique scent and evergreen beauty. It is called the vanity, and this is where you want to sit down, without being disturbed by anyone, as you style your hair and apply facial creams and makeup. For many women, having a vanity in their bedroom is something they do not think they could ever have. Where do you place any more furniture in such a tiny room? Ladies, we have good news for you: it is possible! We will show you today ten adorable vanity ideas for small rooms, which you can easily replicate in your own bedroom.

#1 Vintage Style Vanity

Decades ago, ladies loved their furniture to look like them: slender and delicate. Vanity designers were competing to create gracious and elegant models for all tastes and budgets. And this trend has survived until today. A vintage style vanity set will add style to your bedroom, take just a little space and make you feel like a movie star.

vanity 10

Source: UltimateHomeIdeas

#2 See Through Furniture

If your bedroom already looks cramped with too much (indispensable) furniture, here is a smart solution for your vanity: see through floating table and shelves. The barely there look of this vanity will certainly not load the overall aspect of your bedroom.

vanity 2

Source: LiveSimplyByAnnie

#3 Tiered Plates as Perfume Holder

While some women have just one favorite scent all life long, others love to change perfumes according to the season and occasion. If your perfume collection is getting out of control, here is a simple and elegant solution: find a tiered plate for candies and use it to arrange all your scent bottles on it.

vanity 5

Source: StyleCaster

#4 Repurpose a Desk with Many Drawers

If you are a huge fan of makeup products, you certainly need this desk to use as vanity. Look at the storage space available! You can organize your products by type, brand or color, or in any way you want and you will certainly never run out of space.

vanity 8

Source: UltimateHomeIdeas

#5 Leave the Floor Empty

Most of the times, a room looks crowded when there are too many pieces of furniture sitting on the floor. Furniture doesn’t hover, so how can you keep the floor empty? By attaching furniture to the walls, of course. This vanity is a perfect example. Even the folding chair has its designated place up the wall, in a special holder.

vanity 1

Source: TheDebrief

#6 Vertical Shelves

These open vertical shelves offer lots of storage space for cosmetic products and they create a nice, balanced look on both sides of the table. Once again, whenever you have no other option for creating storage space without cluttering a room, go for open shelves mounted on the wall.

vanity 7

Source: DIYHomeDecorz

#7 Simplicity at Its Best

This clutter free vanity is adequate for any room, no matter how small. There is a perfect blend of the right color (white), minimalist design and the generous size of the mirror, reflecting space and light and making the room feel more spacious.

vanity 3

Source: LiveSimplyByAnnie

#8 Attach Storage Jars to the Wall

A coat of gilded paint will turn a simple mason jar into an elegant holder for your makeup brushes and other accessories. To save space on your tiny vanity, attach the holders to the wall. Add up as many jars as you need.

vanity 4

Source: StyleCaster

#9 Makeup Vanity and Storage Solution

The see-through vanity hides a well organized web of compartments where you can arrange all your makeup products. In this way, you can dispense with drawers and storage cabinets and enjoy your beautifying routine in all comfort.

vanity 6

Source: DIYHomeDecorz

#10 Repurpose an Old Sewing Machine

Many families still keep the old sewing machine, even though nobody uses it anymore. Its sturdy, metallic base is ideal for building a vanity on top of it and creating your own little corner for some quality me time. Add a nicely sized mirror and you’re done!

vanity 9

Source: UltimateHomeIdeas

And we have reached the end of our recommendations. As you can see, we tried to create a balanced mix of vanity ideas for small rooms to suit all tastes: vintage, modern and DIY. Now, you can go ahead and start creating your own vanity corner.

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