Bread is one of the must have foods in our everyday diet. Crispy outside, soft inside, white, graham or wholegrain, bread is the base for making sandwiches or to serve with fine cheese and cured meats. All in all, it is hard to imagine breakfast or appetizers without bread. No matter what type of bread you prefer and how you choose to eat it, one thing is certain: you want it to look and taste as fresh as when you bought it (or made it at home) for days on end. However, bread can go stale or moldy rather fast if you do not store it adequately. This is why today we will share with you the most effective bread storage solutions for your kitchen.

#1 Integrated Bread Warming Drawer

Some people are really fond of bread and they would to anything to enjoy it fresh and warm, as if it were barely taken out of the oven. This drawer with several metal racks for storing bread keeps the loaves warm and protected from mold and dryness. It is a custom made bread storage solution, and it will require careful integration into your kitchen furniture, but it is certainly worth the effort.

bread storage 10

Source: Finemerch

#2 Wooden Bread Box with Knife Storage

This classic model of bread box keeps bread fresh for days. As an added bonus, it has a special niche for keeping the bread knife handy. The box is made of bamboo, a natural material which does not allow the accumulation of moisture inside.

bread storage 2

Source: Wayfair

#3 Classy Ceramic Bread Container

If you want to blend esthetics with functionality, this classic ceramic bread container is the answer. The simple, timeless design is complemented by the quality of the materials and workmanship, which creates an airtight environment where bread will stay fresh and protected from mold for days.

bread storage 5

Source: Walmart

#4 The Best Solution for Sliced Bread

This see-through plastic container with airtight lid is the ideal container for sliced bread. It helps you keep bread fresh for days and allows you to see when you should go to the store to buy more bread before you run out of it.

bread storage 7

Source: Amazon

#5 Simple Bread Drawer

Here is a simple bread storage solution which requires a minimum investment: install a transparent flap with a few ventilation perforations over a kitchen drawer, and you’re done!

bread storage 1

Source: BobVila

#6 Bread Box with Cutting Board

Here is a handy solution for storing and cutting bread. The wooden bread box with integrated cutting board is the simple, affordable and space saving solution you need in your kitchen.

bread storage 3

Source: Wayfair

#7 Slide-Out Drawer and Cutting Board

The alternative to the bread box above is a custom made drawer with a cutting board above it which also acts as protective flap for the drawer, keeping bread fresh and mold free.

bread storage 9

Source: Houzz

#8 See Through Box with Airtight Lid

Simple and effective, this bread box helps you see how much bread you have left. Plus, with a simple rotation of the knob on the lid, you seal the box shut, not allowing air and humidity to get inside and spoil the bread.

bread storage 4

Source: Walmart

#9 Retro Style Bread Box

This metallic bread box is the perfect choice if you love vintage design. We’ve recently seen a resurgence of ’50s and ’60s designs for home appliances, fashion and even modern gadgets, so you will certainly find a vintage style bread box in a store close to you.

bread storage 6

Source: Source

#10 Bread Storage Integrated in the Kitchen Island

Last, but not least, this is the most space saving solution for storing bread. The drawers are integrated directly into the kitchen island so you can always have bread handy when you are preparing breakfast or snacks.

bread storage 8

Source: Houzz

This is the end of our list of recommendations. As you can see, there are many bread storage solutions and containers to pick from, according to your budget, available space and preference.

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