All this time, our articles were focused on finding creative storage space in every corner of the house. And most of our readers have already done that. However, for some of them, all available space on the floor and walls, in niches and in the garage is already judiciously used up, and there are still lots of items to be put away. At a certain point, they may have lifted their eyes up in frustration. That’s right, this is where you should be looking in this situation – at the ceiling. There are many smart and simple ceiling storage solutions for your home, and you must definitely know about them. Let us get started!

#1 Fisherman’s Friend

There are many people who love to go fishing for sport. The most passionate fishermen have large collections of fishing rods and other accessories. These items are quite difficult to store, because not all rods can be dismantled in pieces and they become useless if you bend or break them. This clever storage system installed on the ceiling solves the problem once and for all.

ceiling 1

Source: InspiredHomeIdeas

#2 Tubular Shelving

Made of aluminum, these tubular shelves are also used in the warehouses of car manufacturers. They are lightweight but strong and can be easily made in various configurations and sizes. Placed above the bed, the shelves offer sufficient storage space for this couple’s cello and various items packed in several travel cases.

ceiling 9

Source: BHG

#3 A Stylish Touch

Ceiling storage solutions need not look industrial grade. This system of open wooden shelves integrates perfectly into the interior design of the room, and offers sufficient storage space for decorations, dishes, and even linen, if necessary.

ceiling 10

Source: Pinterest

#4 The Bicycling Family’s Choice

This family loves to travel by bicycle. It is a healthy and environmentally-friendly means of transportation and more people adopt it. But what do you do with all the bikes, once you arrived at home? This clever rack system allows every member of the family to store their respective bikes in an orderly, safe and space saving manner.

ceiling 5

Source: MomentumMag

#5 Expand Your Library

If you love books, you must know how hard it is to realize you should not buy any more for a while, because you do not have sufficient storage space. But here is a great idea: these open shelves hanging from the ceiling offer you sufficient space for dozens of books. With a judicious arrangement, you can store lots of books like this and free up lower level shelves for new ones.

ceiling 6

Source: Dekttk

#6 Bin Shelf

Simple and effective, this ceiling mounted shelf allows you to store a large number of plastic storage bins. You can use this shelf as a solution for packing away out of season clothes, extra linen and bed sheets, or any other items which you do not use very frequently.

ceiling 2

Source: InspiredHomeIdeas

#7 Make The Most of Your Attic

Slanted attic ceilings offer you an excellent opportunity to level them by creating storage space. This angular area is not of much use anyway. But with this simple DIY wooden cabinet, it is turned into a vert useful storage space.

ceiling 8

Source: Pinterest

#8 A Cute Solution for the Children’s Room

Children always want more toys and refuse to part with the old ones as well. After a while, even the most resourceful mom runs out of storage space for all these toys. Here is a simple and funny solution: a system of pulleys, with suspended wicker toy binsĀ  up the ceiling. The wire is made of stainless steel, so there is no chance that the bins could fall and injure your children.

ceiling 7

Source: DIYncrafts

#9 Industrial Racks

Steel frames and wire meshes are the two materials you need to create as many racks as you need and install them on your garage ceiling. The simple open shelf design allows you to store and retrieve bins from any position and to make the most of the ceiling space.

ceiling 3

Source: BobVila

#10 Track System

This storage system is inspired from train rails. The tracks are installed at precise distance to fit a set of bins with rolled out rims which slide along these tracks. You can find such bins in any home improvement store. Decide on the bin size you want, and then plan your track system according to its size.

ceiling 4

Source: DIYncrafts

As you can see, there are lots of ceiling storage solutions you can choose from, or even design on your own starting with the ideas we shared here. Good luck!


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