Thanks God the entertainment discs just keep getting smaller and smaller. Image if we were still having those giant LP discs piling up in our small apartments? Nevertheless many of us still struggle to find spaces for our hundreds of DVDs that we continue to collect over the year. If you have a mountain of CD/DVDs lying around the house and run out of ways to store them, check out these 10 clever DVD storage ideas for inspirations.

A tree for your DVDs

Don’t fancy conventional DVD storage racks? Turn them into an edgy and creative tree like this!

dvd storage ideas rack tree

DVD storage tree

via Apartment Therapy


Cabinets with drawers offer a lot of room for DVD storage. If the cabinet is in the living room, consider buying one that is also for decorative purpose. For example this vintage cabinet will add charm to any room it’s placed in.

dvd storage ideas cabinet drawers

DVD storage cabinet

On the wall cabinet to save space

dvd storage ideas shelves

Shelves for DVD storage

Image via Houseofimage

Shelves on the wall

Placing the DVD covers out for some decorative display

dvd storage ideas shelves

DVDs on the display

image via EZPong

DVD storage under the bed

Trunk beds offer a lot of storage room for DVDs and books. You can add more dividers to the drawer so that it can fit more DVDs and is easier to retrieve them when needed.

dvd storate ideas under bed

Under the bed storage

image via rafirafi

In the rest room

If you are really in need of spaces and the rest room has some to offer, why not make use of the spare space?

dvd storage ideas bathroom

Bathroom DVD storage

image via newsdesigninterior

DVD curtain

This alternative to a curtain a great idea for both DVD storage and decoration! You can buy several clear DVD pockets and join them together into this creative and unique curtain.

dvd storage ideas wall art

DVD wall art

image via houzz

In a picture frame

A big picture frame with small shelves inside can become an artful DVD holder!

creative dvd storage ideas picture frame

DVD storage in a frame

image via mocoloco

DVD hanging racks

dvd storage ideas hanging racks

DVD hanging racks

image via bedruum

DVD rack behind the door

This DVD shelf/rack holds 90 CDs, 42 DVDs and 11 videos and can be mounted right on your door for to save even more space.

dvd storage ideas rack behind door

DVD shelf behind the door

image via Iosss

If you have any other creative DVD storage ideas, please share them here by commenting on this post!

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