Do you have children? Then you must know the daily struggle of putting away their toys, navigating between them and you certainly received the “baptism” of stepping on sharp Lego pieces. As months pass and the collection of toys grows bigger and bigger, you run out of ideas and available space to store your children’s toys. Since you cannot afford a larger home or expensive children’s furniture, you have to become creative in identifying storage solutions. Today we would like to show you how other mothers around the world solve this problem. These Ikea toy storage hacks can help you gain valuable toy organizing space on a minimum budget. Let’s see how!

#1 Expandable Hanging Baskets

These baskets can be folded or extended to hold a lot of toys (just look at the available space). There is an opening at each level of the foldable portions, so you can have easy access to your child’s favorite toy, even if it is stored at the bottom of the basket. This basket can be hung against the door or from the ceiling, or even in the walk-in closet.

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#2 Smart Use of Colored Bins

Ikea bins are extremely versatile: they have a good storage capacity, can be integrated in cabinets and racks thanks to the special edges and are available in many colors. These characteristics make them the ideal choice for moms who have run out of baskets and under the bed drawers.

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#3 A Little DIY Work

Large storage boxes are functional, but not really attractive for children. You can join your kids in painting and customizing these boxes and turning them from boring to super cool. And your children will be proud to show their toy storage box to everyone and boast that they made it so beautiful.

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#4 Slide-In Shelves

Let’s focus our attention back on plastic bins. If you have a little in-depth space (such as an old walk-in pantry), you can devise this clever system of slide-in shelves and put away a lot of toys. You can buy the largest bin size you can find and devise one for each type of toys: plush toys, Lego pieces, train sets, etc.

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Image source: Houseofjadesinteriorsblog

#5 Reinvent the Bookcase

What is great about Ikea furniture is that it comes in pieces and you can assemble it in different configurations (at least when it comes to shelves and bookcases). A clever dad took out the measuring tape, did a little DIY work and came up with this toy storage solution.

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Image source: Justagirlandherblog

#6 Rattan Baskets

They are usually popular as laundry baskets, but rattan baskets are very handy for moms trying to put order in children’s toys. Soft edged and capable of being squeezed in tight places, the colorful rattan baskets are also great as decorative items in your room, placed under the sofa. This mom makes her room look really nice and neat with all the toys carefully hidden in the baskets.

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Image source: Houseofjadesinteriorsblog

#7 Rethink Stairs to Suspended Bunks

Suspended bunks are the only solution for families with 2 or more children living in a small apartment. These bunks come with their own stairs for the upper one, but we think that you should replace them with this Ikea product instead. In this way, you can also keep your children’s toy neatly stored in transparent bins and let them choose which one they want to play with.

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Image source: Orgjunkie

#8 Labeled Cubicles

One of the most versatile piece of furniture you can get from Ikea is the cubicle. They work great for your home office to keep supplies and documents, or in the pantry to store your preserves. With a little creativity and customization, they can also become the best place to keep your children’s toys. You can label them either with the types of toys stored in them, or with your children’s name. In this way, you can teach them order by giving them the responsibility to look after their toys and put them away neatly.

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Image source: Justagirlandherblog

#9 The Happy Trolley

A simple trolley with 2 shelves can become your children’s favorite place. Paint it in bright colors, fill it with canvas or rattan baskets from Ikea and put all their toys in it. If they want to play in the yard outside, you can pull the trolley there and your kids will definitely take care not to forget any of the toys in the grass or sand pit.

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Image source: Orgjunkie

#10 The Shoe Organizer

This simple accessory can serve a lot of useful purposes in your home. For example, it can hold your children’s plush toys and keep them neatly out of the way. Space saving and inexpensive, you can buy several shoe organizers and even customize them a bit by painting them in cheerful colors.

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Now you know these great toy storage hacks so that next time you have guests you can show them a neat and clean living room, with no clutter made by your children’s toys.

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