The secret to productivity is not working harder, but smarter. Most of us apply this principle at work – but rarely at home. When it comes to cleaning, redecorating and remodeling our homes, we are rarely looking at it as a job task to be finished as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This is why we decided to ask around and find some clever life hacks around the house which will make your life easier. You will be surprised by their simplicity, but as always, simplicity is hard to attain and requires more imagination than doing things the hard way. So, let’s get started!

#1 Use a Dryer to Remove Water Stains from Wooden Furniture

One of the most annoying habits is placing a glass of water or soda directly on a table, without a coaster. In most cases, you get an ugly water ring on your elegant dinner table and you really don’t know how to get rid of it. Here is a simple hack: blow it dry with your hair dryer and then gently rub the area with olive oil. Ta-dam! The table looks as good as new.

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#2 Vacuum Window Frames Properly

The smallest plastic tip probably doesn’t fit in the grooves of your window frames. And so you have to dust them by hand (which is a tiresome and messy job). But here’s an idea: fit a cardboard toiled paper tube to the plastic tip, bend it as much as you need and – you can vacuum your window frames!

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#3 Stop Being Locked Out of Your Home

Self locking doors are safe, but they can also leave you in embarrassing situations when you take the trash out and  gust of wind leaves you locked out of your house. Here is a quick fix for that: apply a rubber band on both door knobs and it will keep the locker pressed in until you return to properly lock the door behind you.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#4 Create a Hair Dryer Holder from a Pipe Section

The branch-out section used for splitting main pipes is an excellent accessory for keeping your hair dryer and other accessories (such as the curler or hair straightener) out of the way but handy whenever you need them.

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Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#5 Turn an Empty Soda Bottle into a Garden Sprinkler

Large plastic soda bottles can be put to good use around the house in various ways. In this instance, by puncturing several holes in it and then putting the watering hose through the opening, you can create a simple and effective garden sprinkler with 0 dollars spent.

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Source: Mashable

#6 Make Leather Furniture Scratches Disappear

Leather covered furniture does not come cheap, so it is absolutely devastating to see scratches and scuff marks all over your sofa or armchair. But there is a way to make them go away: take shoe polish, rub the leather gently and remove the excess. Of course, make sure the polish matches the color of the leather.

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Source: LifeHack

#7 Extend the Kitchen Counter

This pull-out cutting board can be used when your kitchen is very busy. Conveniently placed above the trash can, with an opening to remove scraps quickly, the extra cutting board will make your life easier during the busy cooking sessions for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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Source: HouseBeautiful

#8 Remove Chair Indentations from Your Carpet

Ah, those pesky signs that a chair has been sitting in the same place for too long! They ruin the looks of carpets, especially fluffy ones. But there is a very simple way to remove these indentations: place ice cubes above them. The water they leak as they melt will fluff up your carpet again and make it look brand new when it evaporates.

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Source: Buzzfeed

#9 Place a Magnetic Strip On the Bathroom Wall

All your hair pins, nail scissors and files, tweezers and other little metallic knickknacks we cannot live without will be safe there. Plus you will free up space on the shelf under the mirror, for all your hand creams, lotions and makeup remover pads.

life hack 7Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#10 Make the Most of Your Freezer Space

Hang bags with frozen food on the racks of your freezer using binder clips. This will help you store more food and give you easier access to each individual bag.

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Source: Mashable

You see – each of these life hacks around your home is so simple that you could have thought of that. And we are sure that you have your own little but useful life hacks, so feel free to share them with us and our readers!

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