Every home, no matter how small, needs a utility room. It is the magical place where clothes go in dirty, smelly and crumpled and get out perfectly clean and neatly folded. For families with small children the chore of doing laundry is even more difficult. And the fact that every inch must be carefully considered when laying out the plan for the utility room does not help. However, people are incredibly crafty and imaginative and we managed to find a lot of clever and inspirational small utility room ideas to share with you. Here are out best picks:

#1 Stack Large Appliances

Each house needs at least one washing machine and one dryer. No matter how well they are designed, these appliances still take up a lot of space. Many people opt to have them stacked one atop the other – generally the washing machine should be sitting directly on the floor. For extra safety, build a sturdy shelf to support the dryer.

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Source: BHG

#2 Use a Niche

This niche with a window is the perfect place to create an utility corner in a small room. Careful measurements helped the owners find appliances that fit precisely in the available space and added custom made drawers for detergents and other supplies.

utlity 4

Source: Deavita

#3 Hide the Ironing Board in a Cabinet

The utility room in this house is not large enough to allow a standard ironing board. With a little DIY work, the owner installed it in a cabinet. A simple hinge system allows the board to be pulled up and down with ease. That is truly a clever, space saving solution!

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Source: MorningChores

#4 Bins and More Bins

Plastic or wicker storage bins are life savers for small homes. You can arrange them on open shelves, stack them, put it above appliances – and you really can store many things in them. From rolled up towels to freshly washed socks and underwear, you can dispense with the airing cabinet and make your small utility room look more spacious.

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#5 Label Shelves for Your Family

Turn your utility room into a DIY area for your family. By labeling shelves, they know exactly where they can put dirty clothes, get back clean ones and even load the washing machine and use the right type of detergent. Now you can simply tell your spouse and kids that they will find all the instructions in the utility room.

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Source: Homedit

#6 When All Else Fails, Opt for Built-In Appliances

Many families discuss with home decorators and furniture makers to furnish their small rooms in the most space saving manner possible. This family requested the washing machine and dryer to be built in the kitchen furniture. This option definitely saved a lot of valuable space in the bathroom.

utility 12

Source: Shelterness

#7 Space Sharing Is Caring

Double duty rooms are a given in very small houses. In this case, the utility room is located in the same room as the home office. It is even a time saving choice – while the washing machine does its job, you can pay your bills online, check emails or even do some shopping.

utility 1

Source: BHG

#8 Shelf Away

With such a tight place available, this family knew that the only way of having space for storing supplies and laundry was by creating as many shelves on the walls as possible. As you can see, every inch is judiciously used and the overall effect is neat and clutter free.

utility 3

Source: Deavita

#9 Pull-Out Drying Rack

Airing washed laundry is as much of a problem for small home owners as washing them. For this family it is no longer a problem: a simple pull out drying rack installed under the counter is the right solution. And it can be easily adapted to any type of utility room furniture.

utility 5

Source: MorningChores

#10 Utility and Shower Cabin Unit

In the epitome of space saving solutions, this family created a unique solution to doing their laundry: right next to the shower cabin. The DIY unit is extremely compact and fits in the bathroom. The key advantage of this solution is that the washing machine is connected to the same water pipes and drainage pipes as the shower itself.

utility 10

Source: Renoguide

Wow! People are really creative when it comes to solving daily living problems. We are sure that these small utility room ideas will be helpful to you if you are remodeling your house or just moving in a new home. Good luck with your home improvement projects!

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