If you live in an apartment complex, you probably have a space which you are not using to its maximum possibilities. We are talking about the balcony. Often overlooked by their owners, balconies should be treaty just like any valuable inch of space in your small apartment and arranged into a pleasant living area with storage furniture and accessories to declutter your home. It is true, balconies tend to be as small as the apartment itself, so there is not very much you can do unless you learn to adapt traditional furniture and storage solutions to the actual space. Today we will show you how other ten families created smart storage solutions for balconies and made the most of this area.

#1 Store Your Bike

Two sturdy hooks fastened into the vertical wall of the balcony helps this person keep their bike safely stored when it is not in use. This is the most space saving storage option for a bicycle if you live in a tiny apartment and you are not allowed or do not trust to use the common areas of the complex to keep it.

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Source: Buddyberries

#2 Repurpose a Wooden Box as Seating & Storage Solution

This rustic looking bench is actually made from a wooden crate. The lid was converted into a seat and underneath it there is sufficient storage to keep a pair of boots, some table cloths and cushions for the seats.

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Source: LoveThisPic

#3 Glass Cabinet

This old school medical cabinet with glass doors was repurposed into a practical mini-conservatory for potted plants. Most probably, the open balcony gets too cold in the winter for the plants, but there is also the issue of arranging all the pots around the small balcony. In this way the plants are both protected from the inclement weather and nicely organized together.

balcony 3

Source: DIYHome

#4 Table with Storage Areas

This modular garden table is ideal for small balconies. It has cleverly build shelves and niches for glasses, tableware, and other items you need when you want to have lunch or dinner with your family on the balcony. In this way, you also free up the dining area inside the apartment during the warm seasons.

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Source: Homify

#5 Crate on Wheels

This simple and effective storage solution helps you put away decorative cushions, tableware or to use as bar cart when you invite friends over for dinner on the balcony to admire the sunset. Rustic and practical, it is very easy to make at home and will help you maintain your small balcony neat and uncluttered.

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Source: LoveThisPic

#6 Another Great Way to Use Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are so helpful, even when they are no longer used to store and transport goods! In this instance, they offer a generous storage space on the vertical wall of the balcony. You can place potted plants, books or items for which there is no space in the pantry.

balcony 2

Source: DIYHome

#7 Small Open Shelves

This open cabinet with shelves is actually made from repurposed folding chairs. It is small enough to fit in a balcony which is already furnished to serve as dining area and it is the ideal choice for arranging a few apartment plants and create a cheerful atmosphere.

balcony 4

Source: HomeTweaks

#8 That Old Ladder

We have been talking a lot about repurposing old wooden ladder. This is because wood is a valuable natural material and it should be recycled as much as possible. It is also because there is something very charming about an old stepladder laden with apartment flowers and plants. Plus, it can be easily placed in a tight corner, out of the way.

balcony 10

Source: DigsDigs

#9 Repurpose an Old Office Cabinet

Metal cabinets are falling out of fashion in modern offices. But they are still very useful – sturdy and treated with rust-free primers. Add a coating of brightly colored paint and you will have a dependable storage solution which can be safely kept on an open balcony.

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Source: LoveThisPic

#10 Wicker Baskets

The simplest and most affordable storage solution for a small balcony is a set of wicker baskets to place under a seating bench. They look great in any kind of decor and offer you sufficient storage space for a lot of items.

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Source: Homify

And this concludes our list of ideas on creating storage solutions for balconies. Hopefully, you can find inspiration in these recommendations and learn how to make the most of your small balcony.


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