After we’ve been focusing more on fashionable girls and children, let’s give a helpful hand to the gentleman of the house. Men love their tools – even if they seldom use them. But they keep buying them, cluttering the house with electric saws, shovels, rakes, power drills and their replacement parts. Today we’re going to show you some great and space saving tool storage ideas for all DIY enthusiasts. Let’s go!

#1 The Magnetic Drill Bit Holder

Those drill bits look really neat and well organized. You can have them handy whenever you need them, and there are zero risks that you will lose any of them. All you need to to is install a magnetic band along the width of a shelf and you’re done.


Image source: Listotic

#2 Great Tool Storage Ideas Are Simple: The Tie Rack

All the amazing ideas are extremely simple. Just as this tie rack where you can keep your wrenches. Every handyman needs to know where to find his tools of choice, right? With this ingenious system you will never keep your wrenches well organized.


Image source: Familyhandyman

#3 The Adhesive Tape Dispenser

Everything in this world can be fixed with a little adhesive tape, right? Then make sure that you always have your tape rolls close at hand and ready to be used. All you need for this project is a wooden shelf and an old hacksaw blade.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#4  Never Lose Sight of Your Paint Brushes

For the enthusiastic painter, his brushes are extremely important. Nothing is more infuriating than looking around for your favorite brush and not finding it, right? This tin can with an attached handle, placed on a peg board solves your problem.


Image source: Listotic

#5 The Foam Insulation Board

The simplest way to keep your screwdrivers and drill bits organized and handy is simply sticking them into a board, is that correct? But what type of material is soft enough to do this, while providing support to your tools. Here’s the answer: a piece of foam insulation glued onto a plywood board. Original, simple and easy!


Image source: Familyhandyman

#6 The Classic Pegboard

We really love to see all these tools neatly organized on a pegboard. Looks like this handyman is really good at Tetris!


Image source: Diyncrafts

#7 Untangling Your Problems

If you have some old and unused funnels, you can turn them into these simple and effective twine and string dispensers. From now on you’ll never get tangled up in your DIY projects!


Image source: Martha Stewart

#8 The Little Garden Shed

Your friends will certainly envy you for this neat and great looking garden shed. You do not need a lot of space and you can get as creative as you want with the design. In the end, you’ll use it, so build something durable to keep your tools away from rain and snow.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#9 The Handy Jars

One quick question: how many times did you lose nails, screws, nuts, and washers around your garage or tool shed? Too many times to remember, right? These jars will solve your problem! Glue the lid on the bottom of a shelf and you’re done!


Image source: Listotic

#10 The Bike Basket

Maybe you don’t know how to ride a bike, but you will certainly find a great way to use a wicker basket for bikes. Your small tools and parts will stay well put and organized.


Image source: Martha Stewart

Well, that’s the end of our list. I am sure that the skilled handymen reading this article have found these tool storage ideas easy to apply and useful. As always, feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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