The key to having a neat and well organized home is knowing how to take advantage of every potential storage areas to keep your supplies, clothes and home appliances out of the way. For people living in small houses and apartments, this is a daily struggle. And struggle helps develop creativity. One of the most overlooked areas for storage is the space under the sink. Really, what can you do with that space? You can either leave it as it is, or you can install various storage shelves, bins and cabinets. Ten small house owners have decided to do the latter and today we will show you their clever and space saving under the sink storage ideas.

#1 The Simplest Solution: Install a Tension Rod

Tension rods are useful for many things, but did you ever consider using it to hang your cleaning sprays? This simple but effective solution, installing a tension rod under the sink, will help you free up at least one cabinet shelf for other items you need to store.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#2 DIY Shelves for Difficult Spaces

One of the problems encountered by people who want to install under the sink storage trays or shelves is how to avoid blocking or pushing into the draining pipes. Some of them are made up of several segments, with U-shaped connectors and it is really difficult to install a standard cabinet. In this case, a few measurements and some good DIY work will help you design and build your own system of shelves.


Source: Houselogic

#3 Use Transparent Bins

The main complaint against cabinets under the sink is that they are uncomfortable to reach. If you have to sit back on your haunches and look for a scrubbing sponge or dish cleaner bottle, your joints will get stiff after a while. For this reason, we recommend using transparent bins, with labels on them indicating what type of item you should store in there. Whenever you run out of them, you replenish the bin with the exact type of product and you will never have to spend more than a few moments finding what you need.


Source: BHG

#4 Handyman’s Storage Bins

These storage bins have a specific design to allow them to be installed in a shelf system and to give easy access to the contents. Handymen and factory workers use them to keep small parts, such as nails, screws and bolts. Small house owners use them to store various items, like cleaning supplies and toiletries, in a shelf system under the sink.


Source: Ideastand

#5 Install the Washing Machine

Not exactly a storage solution, but a very clever way to free up space in your house elsewhere, the idea of installing the washing machine under sink has the merit that it offers quick access to the water pipes for the installation team.


Source: Onecrazyhouse

#6 Install a Towel Roll Holder

Paper towels are always useful in the kitchen. The simplest way to keep them handy and out of the way is to install a holder on the inside of the cabinet under the sink. Extra tip: install a second holder for garbage bags, as well.


Source: Bobvila

#7 Plastic Caddies

Every small home owner must know how versatile plastic caddies are as storage solutions. They can be installed practically anywhere, are lightweight and offer storage space for various items, of different size. Do not leave any cabinet door under the sink without a few caddies installed on it to keep various cleaning supplies in them.


Source: Apartmenttherapy

#8 Make the Most of Every Inch of Space

This family certainly took DIY work to another level when they created this system of drawers which maximizes the use of the space under the sink. This is yet another proof that if you really put your mind to it, you can come up with the right solution to solve your problems.


Source: Ideastand

#9 Do Not Forget About the Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are often overlooked even more than kitchen sinks. And yet, it is so easy to create an open shelves storage area where you can keep toilet paper, towels and bath robes neatly arranged and easy to reach.


Source: Onecrazyhouse

#10 Pull Out Caddy

This is a simple and elegant way to keep various supplies well organized and have them ready to use whenever you need them. Extra tip: arrange all the products you need for your general house cleaning.


Source: Bobvila

So, what do you think? Does any of this under the sink storage idea inspire you to install it in your own home? Feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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