It’s not easy being a woman, you need storage space for your shoes, your makeup, your jewelries and of course, your intimates deserve their own space too. The “overflowing dresser” is a common problem in many households, I myself used to be extremely guilty of such. In addition, digging through the panties and bras mess trying finding the right “nude bra” in a hurry is a situation most of us would love to avoid. So here I present you 10 super effective and cute ways to store your underwear:

#1 – DIY underwear organizer for your drawer

Drawers are one of the most effective places to store your girly things. Creating your own dividers can be a fun and rewarding DIY weekend project. All you need is cardboard, a ruler and a cutting knife or a small saw. The beauty of doing it yourself is that you can customize the size of each “box” and decide how many “boxes” do you need for all your stuff.

underwear storage ideas - diy drawer

#2 – Bras on single hanger

This must be the simplest way to store your bras – on a single hanger! Storing bras this way does not only a great way to save space (see how many bras a hanger can fit!) but also keeps the bras from getting out of shape. For sure a winner!

underwear storage ideas - bra hanger

#3- Hanger and shower curtain hooks

Having an old shower curtain? Do not be hasty and throw away those curtain hooks! They can be used to organize ties, hats, bags and bras.

bra storage ideas hanger

#4- Honeycomb drawer organizer

I can’t help but love how cute this honeycomb drawer divider is! The pink color is just perfect for storing our girly intimate items.

underwear storage ideas - honeycomb organizer

#5 – PVC pipes as underwear storage

underwear storage ideas pvc pipesPVC pipes never stop to surprise me with their versatility. From storing shoes, wires, now PVC pipes can be used to store undies! Infarrantly Creative has an amazing tutorial on how to create this lovely pipe undies organizer just with PVC pipes and spray paint. If this is not creative I don’t know what is!

#6 – Bra storage behind the door

I love all types of behind-the-door storage, they are huge space savers and many times make the door look cooler. Only with a chain and some hangers, you can store quite a number of bras behind the door, plus they add a fabulous splash of colors to the door!

bra storage ideas behind door

#7 – Bra rack as home decor

This bra rack showcases the best of your collection and creates a girly intimate corner next to your vanity table. This bra rack is from Bra-Voe, which personally I think looks amazing. The price is a bit on the high end compared to other storage solutions, at $50 for a rack that stores 4 bras. However they will last a long time so it is just a one-time investment.

underwear storage ideas - bra organizer

#8 – Tie rack as bra storage

I love things that can be used for multiple purposes. This tie-rack is a great example of a multipurpose hanger, which is also great for hanging bags, bras and hats.

underwear storage ideas - tie hanger

#9 – Bra ladder

The beautiful part about this bra ladder from Amazon is that you can store bras from both sides of the rack. This rack can also be used for drying your bras and can store up to 5 bras.

bra ladder

#10- Octopus underwear storage

underwear storage ideas - octopus

I love this octopus undies hanger idea! These octopus hangers can be found very cheaply in the laundry section in IKEA. A few of these hangers tied together and you already have your own cute underwear solution! How do you store your undies? Share your ideas to everyone here in the comment section!

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