Halloween started out as a 100% American celebration, but it has become a worldwide sensation. Everyone likes a good fright in safe conditions and to dress up as a scary ghost or evil witch. But not only people get dressed up for Halloween – their homes are also decorated with various spooky items, creating a fascinating (and creepy) decor for a hearty dinner with family and friends. So, today we will share with your the simplest and easiest to achieve Halloween decoration ideas for your home. Boo! Let’s get started!

#1 The Creepy Ghosts Outside

Give your friends and neighbors a real fright as they walk by your home with these eerily realistic ghosts preparing to haunt your house. You will need white bedsheets which you can dispose of, balloons, thread and a few sticks. Put the sheet over your head and cut out holes in front of your eyes. Next, inflate the balloons, tie each of them to the end of the stick and place the other end firmly in the ground. Place the sheet over the balloon and secure it with scotch tape. Your creepy ghosts are ready!


Image source: VectorVice

#2 Simple and Effective Halloween Decoration Idea: The Ghostly Driveway

Plastic milk jugs can turn into scary faces accompanying your friends’ steps to your front door. Simply cut out the bottom of the jug, cut out evil eye and creepy laughing faces from black industrial paper and paste them on the side of the jug opposite to the handle. Place a pastille candle under each jug and align them along your driveway. Scary!


Image source: Moneycrashers

#3. Skeleton Foot Doormat

Now that your friends are nearly half scared, give them a proper welcome with a skeleton foot doormat. You can find stencil templates in the Halloween decoration sections of any supermarket and a can of black spray paint. Select a doormat just for Halloween, and in a few minutes you’ve spray painted the skeleton foot on it.


Image source: Thisoldhouse

#4 Paper Bag Lights

Grab some paper bags you do not need anymore and punch out various scary images or words and then place candles with plastic guards (to avoid risks of fire) inside them. Place them up the stairs leading to your front door for a spectacular effect.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#5 Spiderwebs

Oh, what is worse than entering a house covered in creepy spiderwebs? Your guests will get a really good fright and they won’t guess it took you minutes to make them! Simply take a plastic trash bag, draw the spider web model starting from a sealed corner and then cut out. You’re done! Now stick the spiderwebs over the windows and in the corners of your living room.


Image source: VectorVice

#6 Flying Bats

Let’s up the fear factor with some scary bats flying down from your lamps or ceiling fans. Cut them out from black construction paper, paste eyes made of yellow paper and stick a bit of thread to their back. Now find the best place to hang them for guaranteed scary effect.


Image source: Moneycrashers

#7 The Chicken Wire Ghost

Chicken wire is the ideal material to craft a barely there ghost. You need a little time and care to shape it well, but the effect will be absolutely amazing, especially if you place it in a dimly lit corner of your house.


Image source: Thisoldhouse

#8 Creepy Soda Bottles

You will need bright colored soda, such as orange or lime, in glass bottles. Carefully wash away the paper label from the bottle and when the bottle is dry paint creepy faces with the black marker. Trick or treating visitors will be spooked!


Image source: Allyou

#9 Bat Shaped Name Tags

As your guests take a seat for Halloween dinner, they will certainly note these creepy name tags. It will be a dinner to remember for them!


Image source: Allyou

#10 Decorated Stairways

Now, your guests will certainly need to wash their hands at the bathroom before starting dinner. As they walk up the stairs, they won’t fail to notice the mice scurrying away in the flickering candle of the Jack’O Lantern. Just cut the mice out of black paper or cardboard and temporarily paste them to the stairs and you have finished decorating your house.


Image source: Diyncrafts


Now you have enough Halloween decorating ideas to choose from, although it would be great if you used all of them in order to host an unforgettable party for your family and friends!

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