Time flies so fast when you have kids! Now they are cute babies, now they’ve grown into teenagers and want to express their budding personality. Sadly, only one thing stays the same: the size of the room they live in. This is something many parents have to struggle with: they cannot upgrade their children’s room as they grow up. However, with a little ingenuity and help from your teen, you can remodel a small room to fit the youth’s changing lifestyle. In this article we will give you some cool and practical teen bedroom ideas for small rooms to gain inspiration as you prepare to redecorate.

#1  Hanging Bed

This is certainly going to skyrocket your teen’s popularity among his or her friends. The hanging bed is both practical and uber cool. It allows you to create a useful storage space right under the bed and to take advantage of the challenging space in an attic. However, the hanging bed can be adapted to fit in almost any kind of room and, who knows, you may want to have one for yourself in the master bedroom.

teenage 2

Source: Freshome

#2 The Perfect Den

Boys and men love to have their private space where they can sit unbothered and pursue their hobbies or watch TV. The den has evolved from the “cave” spirit concerning private space and it can be adapted to fit a small child’s bedroom and turn it into a cool teenager’s private sanctum. The compact build of the study area, bed, and book shelves makes the best use of vertical space, while the masculine color scheme will certainly please your teenage son.

teenage 3

Source: DigsDigs

#3 A Spectacular Carpet

When the room is small enough to look cluttered with too many decorations on the walls, you should choose one large, statement decoration and let it set the mood of the entire room. In this case, an amazingly decorated carpet takes the cake and makes us love this teen’s bedroom to pieces!

teenage 6

Source: HGTV

#4 Minimalist and Flexible

The simple lines of minimalist furniture and the bed on wheels define the character of this teen’s bedroom which seems inspired from Sci-Fi movies. The bed can be easily moved around the room to suit the teenager’s preferences and the simple design of the furniture makes the bedroom feel more spacious than it actually is.

teenage 8

Source: Homedit

#5 Quirky and Chic

It is amazing to watch your child develop their own unique personality. And when it is such an imaginative, creative and quirky personality, you want to make sure that the teen has the freedom to express it, even in a small room. This tiny bedroom stands proof that you can mix patterns, colors, funky decorations and still make the room look cozy and comfortable.

teenage 10

Source: HomeDesignLover

#6 Soothing Lavender

This lavender themed bedroom is at once relaxing and cleverly designed, with many storage areas in the form of drawers under and around the bed. The compact arrangement of the cabinets takes advantage of the corner of the room and of vertical space, leaving the rest of the room completely clutter free.

teenage 11

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#7 Rock Star Style

There is nothing wrong if your daughter does not like pastel color. She is a strong youth with a rich imagination and she may even become a rock star. In the meantime, you can encourage her to develop her personality with the graffiti inspired wallpaper and steampunk furniture. Super cool!

teenage 13

Source: IdealHome

#8 Niche Bedroom

The niche reserved for a small cupboard can be cleverly used to place the bed there instead. As for the rest of the tiny room? A hanging, modern looking easy chair will offer extra seating place, leaving the floor area free of clutter.

teenage 1

Source: Freshome

#9 Compact Retro Style

Retro style makes a powerful comeback, in clothes, furniture and home appliances design. In this example, the compact looking furniture creates the timeless look of the classic American teenager’s bedroom. It also saves lots of space by incorporating a study area, shelves for clothes and books and a comfortable bed atop of everything.

teenage 12

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#10 A Gamer’s Paradise

An ergonomic chair, a careful system of spot lights to reduce screen glare are two key elements for a bedroom fit for a teenager who loves to play computer games. The clever design of the study and computer area makes use of the vertical space, leaving the room free for a large bed and sufficient walking space.

teenage 4

Source: DigsDigs

#11 A Splash of Stardust

Large gold circle decals on the walls create a fairy-like atmosphere in a tiny attic bedroom where other kinds of decorations would be cumbersome. The entire room follows the white and gold color scheme, with a dash of teal and black as accent colors.

teenage 5

Source: HGTV

#12 Two Daughters? No Problem!

When two siblings grow together in the same room, they develop an amazing bond. However, as they grow into teens, each of them needs their privacy. This is quite difficult to achieve in a small apartment, so the teens must continue to share the same room. However, a clever placement of the beds in opposite corners of the room does the trick. Oh, and look at that extra sleeping area above the bed, just perfect for pajama parties!

teenage 7

Source: Homedit

#13 Mixing Colors

Who says you cannot mix two bright colors in a small room? True, you need to find the perfect combination to cheer up the atmosphere and stick with the color scheme for all decorations and pieces of furniture. In this case, powder blue and greenery (Pantone’s color of the year 2017) create a happy and bright mood in this room, just perfect for any teen.

teenage 9

Source: HomeDesignLover

And we have reached the end of our teen bedroom ideas for your small apartment. Do you feel inspired already?

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