Having the gift of talent to create artwork is a blessing for so many people. Whether they make a living from their talent, or they pursue it as a relaxing hobby, many of us create and store various artwork pieces around the house. And when the house happens to be a small one, it becomes a problem for everyone in the family. Many small house owners struggle between the need for a clean, clutter-free house, and the wish to have a small space of their own where they can create and store their supplies and artwork. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy their hobbies, so we have come up with 1 creative artwork storage ideas for tiny homes.

#1 Store Paint Tubes with Bull Clips

Heavy duty paper clips are very useful to keep your paint tubes neatly organized on a peg board. Clip the end of the tube and use the metallic ends of the bull clip as a hook. This simple solution will also help you keep your supplies organized and know when you need to restock on certain colors.


Source: Design Indulgences

#2 Create a Rotary Pencil Holder

This beautiful color palette is extremely helpful when you need to pick the right color without going through an entire drawer. It is a simple DIY project which consists mainly of wooden pieces and which you can customize according to your needs.


Source: Inmyownstyle

#3 Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets look charming in any house and offer plenty of storage shape for small and medium sized items, such as art supplies. You can go ahead and customize baskets with labels, different colors or various decorations to give them a unique and artistic look, fitting into your creative environment.


Source: Popsugar

#4 Office Supplies Organizers

If you work with markers, crayons and other drawing supplies, office supplies organizers are your best storage solution. You can arrange them in various modular groups in order to create a neat and ergonomic way of keeping your supplies out of the way but easy to reach when you need them.


Source: Yyam

#5 Tiered Trays

Tiered trays bring a look of elegance and style to your creative corner, and they also help you arrange various supplies in a neat and ordered manner. Whether you choose a modern or a vintage looking model, make sure it offers you sufficient storage space for your artwork supplies.


Source: Diys

#6 Tape and Ribbon Holder

Modern artworks are made with so many different materials, including colored adhesive tape and ribbons. But where can you store all those small coils which seem to clutter every surface of your desk? Here is a simple and effective solution:


Source: Diys

#7 Reuse Old Trophy Cups

Every family has its hidden supply of trophy cups from long forgotten school and sports events. Instead of leaving them on the shelf to gather dust, use them as high class holders for your paint brushes!


Source: Yyam

#8 Keep Colored Paper Neatly Organized

Paper cut-outs and applications are very trendy among young artists. If this is your way of expressing your creativity, then you must have lots and lots of colored paper. Organizing it by tones and shades in vertical office trays will help you avoid clutter and find the exact color you need in no time.


Source: Popsugar

#9 Be Creative with Wine Bottle Holders

They can keep your wine supply or your artwork supplies neatly organized in a simple and effective way. The best thing about this storage solution is that you can quickly attach it under your desk or directly on the wall – wherever it is more handy to you to reach for your supplies.


Source: BHG

#10 Mobile Cart

Small mobile carts are very useful in any house to organize items used for the same activity and take them with you wherever you need them. You do not have to buy one. An old wooden chair can be customized with castor wheels and supplementary shelves to serve this purpose.


Source: BHG

As you can see, by using one or several of these artwork storage ideas, you can continue to enjoy your hobby and have a neat and clean house at the same time.

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