Dear moms everywhere, this article is dedicated to you and your tireless effort of trying to put some order in your kids’ toys. We know that it is an especially challenging task if you live in a small house, so we are continuously looking out for original and practical space saving storage ideas for toys. After considering and discarding many options, we have shortlisted these 10 easy ideas which you can apply in your home:

#1 Bedside Hanging Pouches

You can sew and put together this cool and creative storage idea and your little ones will always have their favorite toys handy. Old blankets and duvets make excellent material for this type of hanging storage pouch.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#2 One of the Simplest Storage Ideas for Toys: Apron with Pockets for Dolls

This apron with various pockets may be helpful for crafty and busy homeowners, but also extremely useful for keeping your child’s favorite dolls neatly organized. Now their tiny clothes will never get ruffled and creased!


Image source: Pinterest

#3 Making the Best Use of the Space Under the Bed

This is the ultimate space saving idea: the storage drawer and play board are both located under the bed and can be pulled out and pushed in easily thanks to the sliding system.


Image source: Pinterest

#4 The Plush Toys Swing

Those plush toys look really cozy and happy sitting on the tiered swing. It is not just a great idea for saving space, but also very decorative for your children’s room.


Image source: Diyncrafts

#5 Video Games and DVDs Storage

Your children certainly have a lot of cartoons and video games DVDs. Keeping them in cases on a shelf is a waste of space. Look at the alternative: clear plastic pouches on the inside of the wardrobe door. Your children will have quick access to their favorite games and movies and you will save a shelf for books or other toys.


Image source: Infarrantlycreative

#6 Clear Storage Bags

These colorful bags with a transparent bottom are both useful and sturdy. They are also quite large so you can put a lot of toys in them and then pull the strings and hang the bag in a wardrobe or a corner of the room.

Clear Storage Bags Make it and love it

Image source: Attemptingaloha

#7  The Books Cart

The only disadvantage of this storage idea is that your children will love this little cart so much that they will carry it with them all over the house. Otherwise, we find no fault with it – it is neat, decorative, and space saving.

Wagon Bookshelf

Image source: Attemptingaloha

#8 Mounted Plastic Crates

These are simple plastic crates, which you can buy from any home improvement store. Select bright colored ones and mount them on the walls at a reachable height for your children. Be as creative as you want with the pattern of mounting them!


Image source: Consignmentmommies

#9 Reorganize the Closet

Left to their own devices, children will cram their toys in the closet in a disorganized manner. Arrange a little bench with a few storage bins and hanging pegs, and your children will have one extra space to read and keep their toys neatly arranged.


Image source: Cutediyprojects

#10 Themed Slide Out Drawers

We have a farm, a seaside pool and some kitchen furniture…each on a different shelf and with all the toys related to each theme neatly arranged. Both practical and decorative, this storage idea will teach your child to be more tidy and creative.


Image source: Pinterest

And we have reached the end of the list! We hope that you like these storage ideas for toys and you can apply at least one of them in your home.

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