Belts are important accessories, both for men and women. Gentlemen must wear a belt with a formal or business suit, while ladies try to draw attention to their slim waist with the clever use of a belt. Everyone has at least two or three belts, but there are belt aficionados who have more than a dozen of them. The problem arises when the belt comes off the trousers or skirt. Where do you store it properly? Here are some creative belt storage ideas to help you keep your collection neatly packed and out of the way:

#1 Special Drawers with Compartments

Whether you buy them from furniture stores or you do a little DIY work on regular drawers, the end result is always what matters. This type of honeycomb drawer is the ideal solution for keeping a large number of belts without taking up a lot of space. If you decide to create the compartments by yourself, remember not to make them too small in the attempt to store more belts. If they are too tightly wound, leather belts will get damaged over time.

belt storage 1

Source: Homedit

#2 Shoe Organizer

If you have neither the budget, not the skill for the above belt storage solution, then a transparent shoe organizer will do the trick. This is a very convenient and affordable solution to keep your belt collection neatly folded and it can be installed everywhere, even hanging from your door.

belt storage 10

Source: Storagegeek

#3 DIY Slide Out Belt Rack

This belt rack is really easy to install in any cupboard, even if you have very little technical and home improvement skills. The slide-out component can be bought from any home and garden convenience store and the rest of the job can be done even by a child. If nothing else motivates you, think of your beloved belt collection!

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Source: Viewalongtheway

#4 Shower Curtain Rings

The cleverly simple shower curtain holder is so versatile that we have already included it in other suggestions for storing various items in a space saving manner. And right now we want to tell you that there is no simpler way to keep your belts organized without winding them than this one. No DIY work, extremely cheap and practical, the shower curtain rings save the day!

belt storage 5

Source: Vintagezest

#5 Space Saving Slide-Out Holder

This item can only be purchased in specialized stores. However, if you own quality leather belts this is the best solutions to store them safely and in a space saving manner. You may think it is an expensive investment at first, but add up the costs of replacing your damaged collection of belts, if stored in an improper manner, and you will change your mind.

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Source: Houzz

#6 Buy Special Belt Hangers

Furniture and accessories makers have realized that there is a great demand for affordable and efficient solutions for keeping belts organized. In specialized stores, if you browse carefully in the accessories aisle, you will find hangers with special hooks built in them. These hangers have a special clip to help you store both trousers and belts in your wardrobe, thus helping you save space.

belt storage 2

Source: Homedit

#7 Repurpose an Old Rake

If you have a back yard and trees, you certainly have an old rake somewhere, which you used to gather dead leaves in the autumn. Now you probably upgraded to a more modern solution, but that old rake is still sitting somewhere in the garage. Get it out, clean it up, give it a good coat of paint and hang it in your room to serve as belt holder. Simple and ingenious, right?

belt storage 7

Source: Storagegeek

#8 Another Simple DIY Project

This DIY storage solution only requires a wooden board and some heavy duty bolts. Grab the hammer and in a few minutes you can get the job done and ensure that your belts are properly stored. The slide-out component is optional, since this kind of board can be even glued on the inside part of the wardrobe door.

belt storage 4

Source: Houzz

#9 An Old Suitcase

Suitcases are very practical for lots of purposes. They can be either stowed away under bed or displayed as decorations in the room (depending on their condition). For the purpose we have in mind, a suitcase is the perfect solution to store not just belts, but also scarves and other accessories.

belt storage 6

Source: Decoratingfiles

#10 Ring Them Up

And this is simplicity itself: a large metal ring, which holds all your belts and which you can conveniently hang on a hook. As usual, if you keep an open mind, the simplest and most practical solution will reveal itself.

belt storage 9

Source: Decoratingfiles

As you can see, we tried to offer belt storage ideas for all the budgets – starting with people who really care about their expensive belt collection and ending with the most budget friendly options. We hope that you can find inspiration and a helpful solution among these suggestions and you can store your belts safely and without taking up too much space in your house.


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