Spring is here – and we can all enjoy the beautiful rebirth of nature around us. And it would be great if we could bring at least a little bit of nature in our lives. How can this be done, especially in a small apartment? We have suggested various ways of creating a small garden either on the balcony or in the rest of the apartment. But some people really have no space to spare. So we have looked around, trying to find a solution for tiny apartments. And we found a very creative one: having an indoor hanging garden. If you are not sure how it is done, then keep reading and discover in ten creative examples!

#1 The Garden on the Wall

Walls would look bare and without personality without decorations. Most people put posters, framed pictures and artwork on the walls. This family decided to go for a living decoration: several pots for apartment plants, firmly attached to the walls. The structure is properly waterproofed, so there is no danger of leaks when watering the plants.

garden 1

Source: Designrulz

#2 A Hanging Terrarium

What do you need for a hanging terrarium? The plants, neatly arranged into a mason jar. You can either install it on the ceiling by a piece of magnet, or allow it to hang by decorative and sturdy strings just above your heads (just remember to warn your taller friends to watch out). Terrariums are mini self-regulating ecosystems which need minimum looking after.

garden 3

Source: Inhabitat

#3 Upside Down

Despite general belief, plants do not need to grow up towards the sky – they have no sense of direction, with the exception of the sunflower. This is why you can arrange a small garden in pots hanging from the ceiling and with the plant growing downwards. It is an ideal arrangement for aromatic herbs which you need while cooking – just reach up and get a bit of fresh basil or parsley.

garden 4

Source: Decoist

#4 For the Lazy Gardener – Air Plants

Air plants are the best choice for people who do not have the time or the skills to look after regular apartment plants. Instead of drawing nutrients from the soil an water, they get them from thin air.  For a dramatic effect, place the plants in transparent bowls.

garden 6

Source: BHG

#5 Knotted Baskets

The simple beauty of these hanging plants is enhanced by the creative knotted string baskets used for attaching them to the ceiling. It is a simple DIY process and you can create many amazing patterns and even add decorations, such as beads.

garden 8

Source: TopInspirations

#6 Felt Pouches

Felt is a sturdy fabric and it can be easily sown into a pouch and waterproofed with a sheet of plastic. It is the ideal choice for a tiny hanging garden on the wall of your house, above your bed or just beside your favorite seat in the living room.

garden 2

Source: Inhabitat

#7 Beautiful Symmetry

These bowls of apartment plants are arranged with great care to  create a perfect symmetry with each other. If order and discipline are your friends, then you will certainly want to have something like this in your home. And, guess what? It is very easy to do everything by yourself, and create your own perfect hanging garden.

garden 5

Source: Decoist

#8 Use Special Planter Bags

Very affordable and easy to find in any home and gardening store, these special bags are 100% waterproof and allow you to create a small hanging garden almost anywhere where you have some space for hanging them: ceiling, vertical wall, pallet decoration or repurposed ladder.

garden 10

Source: Contemporist

#9 A Rustic Touch

This jute hanger for the plant bowl adds a warm, rustic touch to your house. You can pair it with a handmade clay bowl with ethnic decorations painted on it.

garden 7

Source: BHG

#10 Use Suction Cups

Suction cups are very helpful in the bathroom to install towel hangers…and they can also help you create a miniature hanging garden on a large window. Make sure that the suction cup is firmly glued to the bowl (pick a lightweight, plastic one). This is a very useful idea for plants which need plenty of sunlight.

garden 9

Source: Contemporist

As you can see, creating an indoor hanging garden is quite simple and feasible, even in really small apartments. You only need to think in a creative way and find even places you would consider unlikely for installing your little garden.

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