Having a baby is always a blessing and for every family the tiny new life becomes the first priorities. Parents try to do everything they can to offer their new baby a good lifeĀ  and a beautiful nursery – but sometimes there is simply not enough room in their house to arrange all the pieces of furniture and decorations which they have in mind. Do not be sad – you can still arrange an adorable nursery for your baby even in a small room. Today we will share with you the best nursery ideas for small rooms which we found after some searches:

#1 Install the Crib In a Niche

Small cupboard spaces are quite awkward in houses – shallow and narrow, they seem like a pointless feature. However, clever moms and dads see the potential of every nook in the room they chose for their baby’s nursery. In this case, the crib itself was place in the niche, and two colorful curtains create a perfect decor.

small nursery 3

Source: Popsugar

#2 A Dark Wall Creates the Illusion of Depth

Do not be afraid to use dark colors for the baby’s room. In this example, the back wall is adding some depth visually to the room and, when the baby grows up, it will become a blackboard for drawing.

small nursery 10

Source: Architecturendesign

#3 Adapt to the Shape of the Room

This room is rather long than wide. Placing the crib alongside the long wall would have left very little room for mom and dad to walk around it. The option to place the crib right against the narrow wall and place a large painting on the wall offers excellent walking space and makes the most of the available area.

small nursery 9

Source: Woohome

#4 The White Trick

The white trick is very simple: make the whole room white (or with shades of cream and grey) and it will appear much bigger than it actually is. Of course, this means lots of washing and cleaning once the baby grows up and becomes creative…

small nursery 7

Source: Decoist

#5 Pick Decorations Carefully

Decorations of all kinds clutter a small room and they do not really stand out. Plus, your baby won’t notice them for some time and may not even like them. This mom picked a statement ceiling lamp which serves both as source of light and sole decoration for the tiny nursery. Beautiful!

small nursery 2

Source: Popsugar

#6 Remove the Wardrobe Door

If this baby wardrobe had a door, there would be practically no place for the mom to walk from the crib to the changing station. Plus, grabbing an outfit really quickly, while the baby is cooperative is a must. So, she simply got rid of the door. Smart, right?

small nursery 5

Source: BHG

#7 Be Creative About the Playpen

Playpens are taking up lots of space, especially as the child grows older, more independent and accumulates more toys. This family created a lovely teepee for their child, which is also useful for storing toys and other items when not in use.

small nursery 8

Source: Woohome

#8 Create a Single Point of Focus

To distract the eye from the small size of the room, one of the cleverest tricks is to apply various decorations on one wall – and only on that wall. In this way, the eye has an interesting point of focus and the peripheral view registers the room as larger than it actually is.

small nursery 6

Source: Decoist

#9 Paint All Walls In a Bright Color Scheme

This nursery is installed in an attic – not the most spacious room in a house by all standards. However, color scheme with vertical light blue and lilac stripes adds more depth and volume to this room and gives it a cheerful note. Plus, the clever mom uses the space under the crib to store various items which are not needed on a daily basis.

small nursery 1

Source: Popsugar

#10 Select Small Furniture Pieces

There is enough place for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa to sit in this nursery, although it is quite small. The trick? Small furniture items creating several seating areas, instead of cramping everyone on a large, overbearing sofa.

small nursery 4

Source: Architecturendesign

As you can see, there are plenty of options to create a beautiful room for your baby even in a tiny home. We certainly hope that our nursery ideas for small rooms will inspire you to design and decorate your own.


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