Children are the ultimate joy for families, who want to give them the best conditions of living and growing up. Ideally, each child should have their own room and enjoy privacy and sufficient space to play and learn. But when all you have is a small apartment or house, you have to compromise and arrange one room for two or more children. However, with a few decorations and clever arrangement of the furniture, a small sibling room can be a beautiful place where your children learn to bond and share from the earliest age, growing into caring and sociable adults. Here are some charming ideas for your children’s shared bedroom:

#1 Arrange Beds Along the Walls

These beds are placed flush against the walls at a 90 degree angle, ensuring that they take as little space as possible to give the children more space to play. The vertical stripes or the bedding create the visual illusion of a more spacious room and individualized coloring takes into account of the children’s different personalities.

shared 1

Source: Freshome

#2 One For All

If you thought it is hard to accommodate two children in one room, what about four? Yes, it can be done. A clever system of bunks arranged against the walls leaves these four musketeers sufficient space to play in their little kingdom. Note how each bunk bed has its owner’s initial and each bed has different colored bedding.

shared 9

Source: DigsDigs

#3 Growing Together

These children are now teens. Their old bunk beds no longer fitted them, but there is not room for two side by side adult beds. So, the parents stuck to the same principles and created another pair of bunk beds on a solid metal frame.  Also note the legs with castors to help arrange the beds around the room in the best position.

shared 6

Source: BHG

#4  His & Hers

These twin brother and sister share an attic. The room is fairly split in two, with a privacy wall between the beds and full color coordination for each child’s share of the room. If nothing else, these children will grow up with a solid sense of fair sharing.

shared 8

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#5 Privacy In Small Quarters

These four teenage children share a long, narrow and low ceiling room. There was no possibility to arrange bunk beds so the family arranger rails with thick curtain, allowing each child some privacy.

shared 10

Source: TheHandmadeHome

#6 The Blue Forest

This fairy tale bedroom looks absolutely perfect for two happy and creative children to grow up in. The secret to the clean and airy look of this small room is the single color scheme for the walls and the single decoration (the pillar) with cut-out branches.

shared 2

Source: Freshome

#7 Sail Away

This nautical themed boys’ bedroom is the epitome of charm and clever use of the available space. The room is more long than wide, so the beds are arranged side by side along the walls, leaving the opposite wall for the study desk.

shared 4

Source: DigsDigs

#8 Custom Made Bunks

These parents invested in custom made bed bunks for their four school aged children. The front of each bunk has an incorporated desk for doing homework and an overhead lamp.

shared 5

Source: BHG

#9 A Personal Touch

Striped and dotted wallpapers define each side of these little girl’s shared bedroom. Placed head by head, the beds are arranged in the most space saving manner to give the girls free reign over the rest of the room.

shared 7

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#10 Toddler and Baby

We left the most challenging situation for last. What if you have an active toddler and a new baby and they need to share a room? First, you decorate the room like a coloring book. Next, you opt for a low bed for the toddler to allow him to get in and out of bed without incidents. Last, you arrange the bed and the baby’s cribs close to the corners of the room to leave the rest of the room free for walking and playing.

shared 3

Source: DigsDigs

And this is the end of our recommendations. We hope that these small sibling room ideas will help you create a pleasant space for your children to grow up in. As always, feel free to share your own ideas with us!

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