Finding storage is never an easy problem to solve, no matter if you have a big or small apartment. When it comes to accessories, it’s usually the “More is less” case. And unlike storing other items, stylish jewelries need stylish containers. Many people even go a step further and make jewelry storage a form of trendy decoration. With this in mind, let’s check out these 10 stylish and creative jewelry storage ideas for inspirations!

1 – China to categorize your jewelries

These pretty and colorful china cups and saucers definitely brighten up your drawer and act as fabulous organizer for your jewelries. Everything is neat and classified so that finding and choosing jewelries is like a breeze.

jewelry storage china

Colorful china in use

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2 – Picture frames make stylish jewelry storage

Maybe I have mentioned this a few times but when you are living in a small place, the best way to save space is to mount everything on the wall! This DIY picture frame is not only a strikingly stylish way to fill a blank wall but is also fabulous for storing your jewelries. Head over to Mona Luna to see her DIY tutorial to make this beautiful jewelry storage idea come true!

jewelry storage ideas stylish picture frame

A wall decor and jewelry storage

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3 – Jewelry storage tree

This project you can totally do it yourself. Branches can be found everywhere, you only need a sturdy one to hold your bling blings. If you don’t want to hang it on the wall like in the below picture, a nice mason jar or a stylish vase can always hold your jewel tree.

jewelry storage tree

Hang jewelries on a branch

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4 – A pretty cake stand for your jewels

A carefully chosen cake stand can add so much style and charm to your vanity table. Besides it’s also easy to pick out your jewelries from a cake stand than from a rack. So double score!

jewelry storage cake stand

Jewelries on cake stand

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5 – Give your usual cabinet a wallpaper makeover

Get bored of your old jewelry cabinet? Add a coat of paint or a layer of wallpaper for a complete look makeover.

jewelry storage ideas cabinet wallpaper

Wall jewelry cabinet

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6 – Charming door knobs

These lovely vintage door knobs can be found in antique shops or Anthropologie. This could make an easy DIY project with door knobs mounted on a wooden board.

 storage ideas door knobs

Charming door knobs

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7 -Behind the door rack

The door always offer that little extra space for hanging clothes, towels, and in this case jewelries. This jewelry rack can be hung on top of the door so no holes need to be drilled. And look at the amount of blings on that little rack!

jewelry storage ideas behind door rack

Rack behind the door

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8 – Splurge on a jewelry storage armoire

This may not be the cheapest option but boy it’s irresistible! If you have a shabby chic room this would go with it beautifully. And look at how many jewelry pieces it could hold. If you have a really big collection of jewelries, consider buying an armoire with an antiqued look for them. It would be such a charming addition to your bedroom!

jewelry storage armoire

Antique armoire

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9 – Stylish DIY bust statue for your sparklies

Now that’s an impressive DIY project and the result is amazing! If I could create this jewelry bust statue holder, I would show it off to all of my guests by placing it in the middle of the living room! Kate from Design Sponge is kind enough to show us a great tutorial on how to make this beautiful bust statue from a piece of wood.

jewelry storage diy statue

Jewelry bust statue

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10 – A chain for your earrings

Here is a cheap and easy way to organize all of your earrings on a string, for a nice display and easy access.

earring chain holder diy

Earring chain holder

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This lovely earring chain tutorial is shared on Clearly Inspired. So if you already feel inspired by this project, head there to get more clues on how to make this simple but effective organizer.

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