Cables and cords are a necessary evil in any home, especially in a home office. You have your computer, smartphone, printer and scanner there and while some of them need to be charged once in a while, others only work when plugged in. Many people have already given up in the attempt of putting order in all the cables – but it is time to rethink your defeat. There are many creative ways to hide cables and cords, or at least to disguise them so they do not look an eyesore and do not get in your way. We have selected the ten most creative ones to share with you.

#1 Fence Them In

This is a very simple and beautiful DIY project for a rainy weekend: find pieces of white plastic and shape them like a picket fence. Arrange the cables along the wall and then install the fence. Now your cables are no longer in your way and are also safe from being chewed on by your pets.

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Source: Huffington Post

#2 Use a Shower Curtain Rod

This option works best for wall mounted TV sets. It is most annoying to see the cable running down the wall, isn’t it? Here is a simple fix for that: get a shower curtain rod, paint it in the same color as the wall and run the cable through it. Problem solved!

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Source: Remodelaholic

#3 If You Can’t Hide It, Make Artwork from It

Here is the problem: not everyone has a place where to magically hide cables, especially long ones. But with a little inventiveness, the problem can be quickly turned around and become a bonus feature of the house. This person used cable on an exposed brick wall to create the New York skyline. You must admit, you really do not mind looking at the cable when it looks like this!

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Source: WooHome

#4 Turn Cable Clips Into Attractive Decorations

Cable clips are the simplest accessories for installing a cable along a wall. What if they also looked great? With a little DIY work you can customize standard cable clips and make them look like birds, flowers, fish, stars or anything you prefer.

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Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#5 Turn a Box into a Charging Station

Find a nice box, from a pair of shoes or from special confectionery and place the power strip in it. Plug in all the power cords of your family’s devices, and only let a short portion of the cord out, enough for every person to plug in their device.

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Source: TopInspired

#6. Use Masking Tape

Masking tape is cheap and available in a wide range of widths and colors. Most certainly you will find a model which matches your walls. This is a solution for cables which will not be moved for a long time after installing them, such as the TV cable or the desktop PC power cord.

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Source: Huffington Post

#7 Arrange Books to Mask the Cables

Books are your best friends on long and cold winter evenings, when you feel bored…and when you need to hide those pesky power cables. This solution works for almost any cables: TV, wireless router, computer…And whenever you change the position of your devices, the books can be easily rearranged to provide efficient camouflage once again.

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Source: Remodelaholic

#8 Surround the Cable with DIY Mural Art

Place some framed photos, some cut-out shapes, create a postmodern or whimsical decor…and no one will notice there is a cable running through it at all. This family created a woodland fairy scene around the cable and we absolutely love it!

cords 6

Source: WooHome

#9 The Power Masts

Having no way to arrange the laptop cables in a less visible way, this person decided to create a little allegorical scene: the power cables are supported by miniature power masts and, thus suspended in mid-air, are no longer a nuisance.

cords 8

Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#10 Put Everything in a Box

Yes, literally, put your cables and the devices attached to them which you do not use every day into a box. A wicker box is preferable, because you can easily sneakĀ  the power strip line through the pleats without damaging the box or cutting through it.

cords 10

Source: TopInspired

And with this, we conclude our list of recommendations for creative ways to hide cables and cords. As you can see, you should never give up, because there are so many simple and effective ways to deal with these accessories. Do not hesitate to share your own inspirational ideas with us!

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