Freshly out of the summer holiday season, families step into the “Back to School” one. It means new clothes, books, notebooks, etc. for their children. And these don’t come cheap, especially branded products. If you also need to replace broken furniture or were planning to refurbish your home, your budget will be stretched so much that it would beg for mercy if it could. Sadly, we have no smart solutions to reduce your expenses for school related items. But we can give you a helping hand by showing you how to repurpose old furniture and other salvaged appliances into great looking and useful pieces for your home. After looking around, we selected these ten creative examples:

#1 The Faithful Old Door

Old wooden doors were made to last a lifetime or two. They may look outdated and too heavy for your children to push and pull, but you shouldn’t throw away solid wooden doors. This family turned theirs into a sturdy dinner table able to seat all the family and a few friends, as well.

furniture 2

Source: DIYNetwork

#2 Teaching An Old Cabinet New Tricks

Cabinets with many drawers were standard in any household decades ago. They were usually made of sturdy wood and carved to please the eyes. As they become too cumbersome and out of style, many families get rid of their cabinets. This couple found a smart use for theirs: two drawers became holders for towels, while the rest of the furniture was turned into a mini-bar for the porch.

furniture 4

Source: WooHome

#3 A Dependable Garage Storage Unit

Gardening tools are large and heavy so they need a sturdy storage container. The solution this handyman found? An old metallic filing cabinet. All the necessary changes were removing the doors and laying the cabinet on the floor on its back side.

furniture 6

Sources: ICreativeIdeas

#4 Washstand In the Wedding Chest

A long time ago, young women were supposed to have a dowry when they got married, which was kept in large, sturdy, ornate wedding chests. Filled with various household valuables from linen to silverware, the wedding chest was a large object, which is really of no use these days. However, a nostalgic and talented person found a way of repurposing his grandma’s wedding chest: he turned it into a rustic washstand!

furniture 8

Source: HouseBeautiful

#5 The Headboard Turned Coat Rack

A magnificent wooden headboard was salvaged while the rest of the bed had to go away. It underwent a few transformations and now sits proudly in the entryway and serves as coat rack for the entire family. That’s a new lease on life for the beautifully carved headboard!

furniture 9

Source: HGTV

#6  The Curious Case of the Display Table

This family loves to display holiday treasures, such as sea shells collected by the children. Since space in their home is sparse, they had to find a creative way to do so. The solution? A glass topped table – but not any table, but one made from old soda crates. Beautifully rustic and with many compartments, this display table is certainly the pride of the house.

furniture 1

Source: DIYNetwork

#7 A Particular Type of Vanity

This retro looking vanity is more than meets the eyes. Many decades ago, it held a sewing machine and it was probably used to repair or stitch clothes for many generations of children. Now, its ornate stand found another use and stuns by its old-time beauty.

furniture 3

Source: WooHome

#8 The Dignified Fate of a Grand Piano

Pianos are beautiful, expensive and expressive musical instruments. It is a shame to see one fall in disrepair and unable to produce beautiful sounds. But this family could not bear to send it away to be chopped into firewood. They turned it into a beautiful bookcase instead. Now, it will continue its dignified and artistic existence for more years to come.

furniture 5

Source: ICreativeIdeas

#9 An Elegant Kitchen Island

The antique carved cabinet was too much for this family’s small house. But they also needed a new kitchen island…So the beautiful cabinet acquired a hygienic Formica top and got a new lease on life.

furniture 7

Source: HouseBeautiful

#10 A Very Unusual Sofa

Stylish and comfortable, this sofa would convince anyone to take a seat and relax. It would take some time until you realize that it is not exactly a traditional sofa. Actually, it is an old clawfoot bathtub, cut in half lengthwise and with lots of soft cushions added.

furniture 10

Source: HNGIdeas

As you can see, all around you there are various vintage pieces which beg for a new chance at being useful. Have you identified other ways to repurpose old furniture in your house?



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