As Christmas is getting nearer, we are all working through our gift list, trying to find something beautiful and useful to offer our loved ones. But sometimes your list of Christmas gifts is bigger than your budget. What is it to do? Everyone needs to get at least one gift, or they will feel left out. Should you go for something cheaper? Yes, but it looks meager and meaningless. What then? Here is an idea: what if you offer your family and friends gifts made by you? Wouldn’t that be the most meaningful and heartfelt gift ever, one into which you put your time, love and skill? If you agree, we are here to help you decide what to craft for your loved ones with a short but comprehensive list of DIY Christmas gift ideas.

#1 Mason Cookie Jar

Your home made Christmas cookies will not only taste delicious, but they will also look great if you offer them in a hand painted jar. Plus, when the cookies are all eaten, the jar will remain as a valued collectible for anyone who received it.


Source: CountryLiving

#2 Custom Made Smartphone Case

Everyone, from a first grader to grandma, has a smartphone. And the best way to keep it safe from incidents such as dropping to the floor is to encase it in a special plastic case. Don’t let your loved ones walk around with their phones in boring cases. Customize them by painting, gluing a photo or other decorations which will make them one of a kind.


Source: DIYncrafts

#3 Cork Charms

Some people really love little colorful trinkets, such as charms. These have the bad habit of breaking up quite quickly, so here is a simple solution for a long-lasting charm: use a wine cork as starter base for creating charms for your friends. Once you pass the wire through the cork, you can start adding beads and anything else you wish.


Source: HuffingtonPost

#4 Hand Print Plates

This is a lovely Christmas gift ideas for grandparents: have your kids leave their hand prints on a simple white plate and then sign their names in quick dry paint. Grandma and granddad will treasure this little gift forever.


Source: Woohome

#5 Hand Painted Glassware

You do not have to be a talented painter to create an adorable pattern of colorful dots on tumblers or water glasses and turn a boring set into a charming gift with a personal touch.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#6 Decorative Sofa Pillow

A little white ribbon and other seasonal decorations are sufficient to turn a nondescript pillow into a unique looking one. As an extra tip, you can make the entire pillow case from a bright colored and soft piece of fabric, like satin or velvet.


Source: CountryLiving

#7 Chocolates Christmas Tree

Chocolates make a great gift on any occasion. But since it is Christmas, give your sweet gift a festive touch by creating a special tree-shaped box in which to offer them. Your guests will be more than happy to enjoy this simple gift made with love.


Source: DIYncrafts

#8 DIY Photo Frames

In the age of Instagram and digital photo albums, people still print their favorite photos and display them at home or at the office. Thus, a home made photo frame, decorated with care, will certainly be appreciated by your friends. If you do not know how to make the frame, buy a simple one and start painting and decorating it.


Source: HuffingtonPost

#9 Emergency Chocolate Supply

You must have at least one friend with a sweet tooth who cannot go long without chocolates. In this case, make sure they will always have an emergency supply with this creative and funny home made Christmas gift.


Source: Woohome

#10 Vintage Jewelry Organizer

An old teacup, a few mismatched dessert plates and pieces of gilded metallic rods – that’s all you need to create an elegant and timeless looking jewelry organizer. Beautiful and functional, this gift will receive the rightful appreciation.


Source: GoodHouseKeeping

As you can see, Christmas presents do not have to be expensive to be meaningful and received with love. The best gifts you will ever give is those which contain a piece of you – your time and your care. These will be the ones your family and friends will always keep and look after, so start making them before it is too late using as inspiration these creative DIY Christmas gift ideas.

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