The next big moment every kid awaits after the end of summer holidays is Halloween. It is the time to go around and trick or treat, dress up as scary monsters or aliens from outer space and have lots and lots of fun. Halloween is also fun for the adults, who get to visit friends and family, set up various decorations around the house and even join in the kids’ costume challenges. We have already covered some Halloween related topics in this blog but today we want to share you a few simple and adorable Halloween crafts for kids. We bet that your children will be more than happy to make their own decorations or accessories for their costumes.

#1 Q-Tip Skeletons

Halloween is not the same without a bunch of scary skeletons scattered around the house. There are several ways of drawing or crafting them, but this one is both simple and original: draw the skeleton outline and fill it in with Q-Tip sticks. This is a very flexible way of creating skeletons: your kids can pose them in as many scary positions as they want.

craft 2

Source: DIYncrafts

#2 Custom Made Trick-Or-Treat Bags

A simple canvas bag will not do it. Your kids need to be in full character as they go from door to door with their trick or treat chanting. What they need is an awesome bag, designed by themselves. With the help of free printables you can find online, some glitter and glue, your child can design a one-of-a-kind Halloween bag.

craft 4

Source: HGTV

#3 Monster Hands

Just imagine the chilling fear as your guests enter the bathroom and are faced with a creepy monster hand on the mirror! Your children will be proud to say that they made those scary hands. The process is quite simple: draw an outline on paper, fill it in with glue, add beans and lentils, pieces of cardboard for claws and the monster hand is ready!

craft 6

Source: RedBookMag

#4 Jack-O-Lantern Balloon Garland

For this simple craft you will need lots of orange balloons (because many will pop during the decorating process) and a soft tip black marker. Once the balloons are inflated, your kids can get creative drawing Jack-O-Lantern faces. The surviving balloons will be then strung together in a garland.

craft 8

Source: WomansDay

#5 Necklace with Ghosts Pendants

To make these ghosts, you will need shiny parchment paper. Draw the ghost outline with clear glue, then fill it in, adding some volume. Allow the glue to dry the peel off each ghost and add it to a string necklace. The kids will need a little supervision, otherwise they may get glue everywhere on their clothes and hair.

craft 10

Source: Martha Stewart

#6 Coffee Filter Spider Web

These small spider webs are easy to make and can be arranged throughout the house, on doors and windows, or even on the table next to the name cards. Draw the outline of the spider web with a fine pencil on the filter and then cut out around the lines. The spider web is ready!

craft 1

Source: DIYncrafts

#7 Liquorice Broomsticks

Any respectable witch needs her broomstick. Your children can help witches travel in style this Halloween with the help of liquorice broomsticks. This is the bewitched recipe: tie strands of liquorice to a toothpick or a finger food stick. Add a little colored pennant (maybe the witches come from opposing teams). Once the work is done, you will notice that the broomstick ends will disappear fast…in your children’s mouths.

crafts 3

Source: HGTV

#8 Candy Ghosts

Ghosts are a staple in any Halloween decoration scheme. You cannot have Halloween without some howling ghosts. In this case, we propose some tasty ghosts instead: get some lollipops, cover them in white fabric, tie them with a bit of string and paint ghostly faces. No one will mind encountering these ghosts.

craft 5

Source: RedBookMag

#9 Painted Rock Ghosts

For this craft, you will have to go to your kids looking for pebbles, preferably from a riverbed, with smooth, rounded surfaces and of a light color. Alternately, walk along a gravel laid path and pick the best stones. A black marker is the only tool your kids need to create the scariest ghosts ever. Spread the pebbles around the house (extra tip: apply glow in dark spray).

craft 7

Source: WomansDay

#10 Paper Mice

A house invaded by mice – that’s really scary! And your kids are the authors of this invasion. Give them a stencil, black cardboard and scissors, and your house will be full of creepy mice in no time.

craft 9

Source: Martha Stewart

As you can see, your little ones will have lots of fun working on these Halloween crafts for kids and your house will be full of adorable and original decorations. Share your own craft ideas with us!



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