Any parent knows that keeping things neatly ordered with children around is nearly impossible. Especially when these things happen to be toys and clothes. Children amass a large quantity of clothes, because they outgrow them quickly and because they quickly lose interest in their favorite clothes. Aside for everyday clothes, there are Halloween, Christmas and Easter costumes to deal with, as well as clothes for special occasions. There is no wonder that moms and dads are running out of ideas how to arrange and store their children’s clothes in a semblance of order. We are here to show you 10 simple and crafty ways to organize kids’ clothes without breaking the piggy bank.

#1 Use Icon Decals for Drawers

In this simple manner, your child will know where to find socks, underwear and t-shirts even before they learn to read and write. Plus, these icons will help you stay organized when you arrange clean laundry in the wardrobe.


Source: Buzzfeed

#2 Display Dressy Costumes

Children love superheroes and their costumes. How many times has your child nagged you to take out the Batman costume out of the closet? Too many times to count. Solve this issue (and save some storage space) by displaying your kids’ favorite costumes on a stand or a piece of clothesline. Now they can play superheroes whenever they want.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#3 Add Some Toys

If you want an incentive for kids to put back their clothes were they belong, arrange some of their favorite toys on the shelves. Once the t-shirt or pair of shoes is put in its designated place, the child can take the toy and  play with it.


Source: RealSimple

#4 Hang Shoe Organizers on the Door

See-through shoe organizers are a life saver for so many moms and dads out there. They are the perfect solution for keeping socks paired and storing small children’s clothes in a space saving and easily reachable manner.


Source: OneCrazyHouse

#5 Organize Clothes By Days

No more fussing over what your children should wear if you apply this system of organizing clothes. Now you know how to dress them for every day of the week (except for special occasions, of course) without drama and pleading.


Source: Parents

#6 Add Extra Shoe Organizers

Expand the storage capabilities of your basic shoe organizer for the kids’ shoes by adding a few custom made hangers for beach flip-flops and sandals. Any regular length of wire is good enough for this simple shoe organizing solution.


Source: Buzzfeed

#7 Color Code Drawers

If you have a daughter, you know exactly how hard it is to find the dress or skirt in the exact shade of pink or peach she wants. Solve this conundrum, save your time and keep the house neat with one simple solution: color code each drawer. Now you know where to go for the pale pinkish yellow sundress!


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 Place Daily Items Close Together

When organizing your kids’ closet, keep in mind those days when you are in a hurry to get them dressed, drop them at the kindergarten and then get to work on time. To save time, arrange daily items in an ergonomic manner to have them handy without going through more than one drawer or two.



Source: RealSimple

#9 Buy a Baby Clothes Cart

This affordable and fabulous looking cart is a great time saver for new moms when they need to have everything handy after bathing or changing the baby. Once you are done with it, you can roll it away in a corner and keep the room uncluttered.


Source: OneCrazyHouse

#10 Keep Off-Season Clothes In Storage Bins and Trays

This simple and cost effective solution will expand the storage space of your kids’ closet and help you put away off-season clothes. Thus, you will keep the shelves and drawers uncluttered and find any item of clothing quickly, without having to go through everything your kids have to wear.


Source: HGTV

See? It is not very hard to organize kids’ clothes and keep everyone happy in your family! Now you will not have to walk through piles of clothes anymore and your children will always have their favorite outfits ready to pick and put on.

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