Living in a small apartment is a constant battle between the need for privacy and the need for more space and natural light. All the interior doors in your home are a nuisance – they take up space, they block the sunlight and they make the space feel smaller. But they are also necessary. You need privacy in your bedroom and bathroom, and you need to keep the smell of cooking away from the rest of the house. However, need is the best teacher and people found clever and ingenious ways to replace classic wooden doors inside their houses. We will show you now our top favorite door alternatives for small spaces. Let’s take a look!

#1 Bead Strings

Bead strings as door replacement are not a new idea. They were all the rave in the 1970s and they seem to make a strong comeback. If you miss the disco fever days, you can bring them back with colorful bead strings and regain your much needed privacy with style.

door 2

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 Accordion Panel with Mural

When you need privacy just for a few hours every day, such as when you work in your home office, the accordion panel is the best solution. Easy to fold in and out, made of light textiles or cardboard, the panel is easy to move around the house and you can order it in various prints, according to your tastes.

door 4

Source: BobVila

#3 Frosted Glass Door

Frosted glass is one of the best inventions ever! It lets light pass through it but also blurs out images, giving you the privacy you need. First used for shower cabins, now frosted glass doors have expanded their presence in office buildings and small apartments.

door 6

Source: Lushome

#4 Japanese Style Doors

Japanese people love their privacy. They also love light, the closeness with nature and a simple life at home, with very few burdensome pieces of furniture and decorations. This resulted in the design of light framed doors covered with rice paper, which slide in and out silently and easily. Stylish, discreet and allowing a soft light to pass through, Japanese doors are a beautiful replacement to standard interior doors.

door 8

Source: Contemporist

#5 Pocket Doors

Hidden inside the wall, this combination of French windows and sliding door is the ideal choice for creating a temporary enclosure, such as for dining or working in a home office corner. You can also opt for full wooden door if you want maximum privacy. This door replacement is a great choice for small rooms, where the swinging area for a classic door would take up too much useful space.

door 9

Source: Homedit

#6 Accordion Doors

Folding doors consisting of 3 or more sections originate in the design of walk-in closets, but they have proved useful for homes which are in need of more natural light in every room. In a few moves, the door is out of the way and sunlight will enter your entire house unhindered.

door 10

Source: Deavita

#7 Curtains

If you want a quick an inexpensive replacement for a standard door look no further than the curtain. Thick or transparent, white or colorful, depending on how much privacy you need, the curtain is easy to install and draw or push aside.

door 1

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 Dutch Door

Half door, half window, this is an excellent solution for small houses with a patch of garden. Open the window half, or the entire door easily, and allow your children and pets to go out and play. Enjoy lots of natural light. And when you want some privacy, just draw a curtain over the window half.

door 3

Source: BobVila

#9 Classic Sliding Doors

These doors offer you great flexibility in space configuration. Enclose an area completely, leave one side open or slide the doors one over the other and allow lots of light and walking space in and out with a few simple pushes.

door 5

Source: Lushome

#10 Barn Doors

Barn doors have become popular among people who enjoy the rustic style. But they have also been styled to fit any decor, keeping only the sliding system. The advantage of the barn door is that it can slide flush against the wall and allow you to leave it half open to allow some light in the corridor while maintaining a little privacy.

door 7

Source: Contemporist

And here we are, at the end of our recommendations of door alternatives for small spaces. Which one is the right choice for you?

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