Everyone who enjoys crafting handmade items must have experimented with ribbon once. And many handcraft artists become really attached to this type of work. Some artists manage to establish a lucrative home based business, because ribbon customized clothing and decorations are always in demand. However, if you take your hobby to the next level and turn it into a business, you will need a large supply of ribbons of various colors, textures, and widths. How can you keep them well organized in your small home? We thought of this problem, and identified no less than 10 ribbon storage ideas which you can choose from. Here they are!

#1 In a Jar

Ribbon spools can be kept neatly organized by colors or width in these large transparent jars. In this way, you can always choose the one you need without hassle, and without having a cluttered workplace.

ribbon storage 9

Image source: Everythingetsy

#2 Reinvent an Old Picture Frame

Take an old frame and paint it in your favorite color. Then add a few detachable horizontal rods and arrange the ribbons you use most frequently on them. This arrangement also serves as a cute decoration for your room.

ribbon storage 1

Image source: Livesimplybiannie

#3 A Little DIY Project

If none of the storage solutions you find in stores works for you, you can start building your own ribbon organizer. For example, this one was made with old shower rods and wooden bits.

ribbon storage 4

Image source: Thefuntimesguide

#4 Multiple Tiered Clothes Hanger

This clothes hanger which is usually used to keep several ties or pairs of trousers can be repurposed to hold your ribbon spools. It is a simple, innovative, and space saving solution if you do not have a lot of storage space to keep your supplies.

ribbon storage 8

Image source: Ribbons

#5 Storage Racks

These simple racks can be installed along the walls or on the inside of a wardrobe door. They offer generous storage space for many spools or ribbon, and even for fabric, if you also make clothing items.

ribbon storage 2

Image source: Livesimplybyannie

#6 Paper Towel Holder

This simple kitchen utensil is extremely helpful if you’ve run out of ribbon storage ideas. You can keep several spools on the same holder and have quick and easy access to them while you are working.

ribbon storage 10

Image source: Everythingetsy

#7 Another Simple DIY Solution

A simple plastic box and a few pieces of cardboard can help you create a neat storage solution for your ribbons. This solution works especially if you buy your ribbons in bulk, so they are not rolled on individual spools. Now, you will not get tangled up in your ribbons anymore!

ribbon storage 6

Image source: Craftaholicsanonymous

#8 Storage Crates with Perforations

This plastic crate serves a double purpose: it keeps your ribbons organized, and it allows you to use each of them individually without getting them out of the crate. That’s pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

ribbon storage 3

Image source: Thefuntimesguide

#9 The Pin Board

Pin boards are multi-purpose items which people install in their workshops to keep tools organized. As a handcraft artist, ribbons are your tools of the trade, so you should consider installing pin boards to keep your spools neatly in order.

ribbon storage 5

Image source: Craftaholicsanonymous

#10 Spa Bag

The transparent plastic spa bag is the ideal place to store a few ribbon spools, especially if you want to do some work while away from home. If you have 4 or 5 such bags, you can keep all your ribbons neatly stored away to help you keep your room clutter free.

ribbon storage 7

Image source: Ribbons

There you have it, now you can select from these simple and cute ribbon storage ideas and bring some order to your small living space.


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