Every handyman needs their special place where they can tinker and make crafty items. Whether you love to fix things around the house, craft wooden furniture or toys, or keep your car spick and span, you certainly need a workshop. This is where you keep your tools and supplies, and where you do your work. Since this place, like the rest of your house, is quite small, you need to be very organized if you want to keep your workshop from becoming cluttered and practically impossible to move around it.  Today we will give you a helping hand with these practical and easy small workshop organization ideas.

#1 Organize Small Parts

This spinning cabinet (like those where you find postcards or sunglasses on display) is the perfect choice for storing small parts, such as screws, nuts and washers. The transparent dust flaps help you find what you need with ease and you cannot find a more compact storage solution for a tiny workshop than this one.

workshop 2

Source: CNCCookbook

#2 Foldable Pegboard

The pegboard is a must have for any workshop and garage. What about taking storage space to the next level? This foldable pegboard triples the storage area for tools and once you are done with your work, you simply fold in the two sides.

workshop 3

Source: LifeHacker

#3 Space Saving Work Bench

This custom made work bench has foldable feet. Once you are done with the work for the day, the feet fold in under the surface of the bench and you can prop it nicely against a wall.

workshop 6

Source: SawOnSkates

#4 Tool Cabinet with Working Bench

Metal tool cabinets are sturdy, placed on castor wheels to be easily moved around the workshop and have many shelves and drawers to store all your tools and supplies (including smaller parts and components). Add a wood bench atop the tool cabinet and you have a compact all-in-one work and storage area for all your crafts and repair activities.

workshop 7

Source: BobVila

#5 Pull Out Shelves

These shelves are a must-have for small spaces, not just workshops. They are easy to install in tight niches and can store many items. For workshops, these custom made space saving drawers are one of the most efficient ways to organize all your tools and supplies, leaving most of the space free to move about and do your work.

workshop 9

Source: SawdustGirl

#6 Mobile Shelves

When you have a tiny home, you cannot afford to keep a set of storage shelves just for your workshop. These DIY mobile shelves on castor wheels can be easily moved from the workshop into the pantry, or wherever they are needed. As everyone knows, sharing is caring!

workshop 10

Source: ManmadeDIY

#7 Use Every Bit of Space

This wide pipe section fits perfectly in a niche above on the ceiling and is the perfect storage place for long wooden planks and beams. It is just one example of how you should think when planning your small workshop – leaving no area unused.

workshop 1

Source: CNCCookbook

#8 Fold Up Work Bench and Pegboard

This compact working area is very useful for really tiny workshops. You can fit it in a corner of your garage and once you are done with your work, it can be folded up, freeing up the space and allowing you to clean your car. In truth, if you really want to have a small workshop, you will find a little place and tinker away.

workshop 4

Source: LifeHacker

#9 Workbench with Storage Area

This long and narrow work bench has a lower tier where you can place all the tools you usually need in your work. Also, the bench is set on castor wheels, so that you can take it out on warm spring and sunny days and do your work outside.

workshop 5

Source: SawOnSkates

#10 Flip-Through Tool Rack

An innovative way to store and organize your tools, this DIY flip-through tool rack is very easy to make with wooden or plywood planks and hinges and helps you keep track of all your smaller tools, such as screwdrivers and monkey wrenches.

workshop 8

Source: SawdustGirl

We will stop here with our recommendations. However, remember that only your imagination is the limit to discovering many other small workshop organization ideas. We are looking forward to hearing your own DIY ideas!

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