A wide windowsill can be treated like a mantelpiece. Just with a little bit decorating and ornamenting, the windowsill can make the corner much cozier or the staircase less boring. Decorating a windowsill doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult, there are many cheap and easy decorations that you might already have and have been lying around in some closets collecting dust. Below are 15 beautiful ways to decorate a windowsill to jump start your imagination!

A line of colored bottles

Colored bottles are a thrifty way to pretty up an empty windowsill. If your windowsill is white, these bottles will work even better, creating a fascinating and artful “windowscape”. If you have white bottles, you can easily add some colors to them by a combination of water and food coloring.

colored bottles at windowsillimage source

The classic: potted plants on windowsill

A wide windowsill can easily become a mini-garden with a few potted plants or flowers. If you have a big enough windowsill in your kitchen, that would be a perfect place for growing some herbs to spice up your meals. Windowsills also make ideal planting space as those are the places that allow the most sunlight in your house.

potted flowers at windowsillimage credited to House&Home

There are millions of creative ways that you can utilize used stuff around the house for your windowsill garden. For example old tea tins create whimsical and creative pots for your little herb garden.

ideas to decorate windowsill

image source

Terrariums for windowsills

Another type of potted plants that is perfect for windowsills is terrariums. Growing terrariums is fun and easy and you can recycle all the jam jars or broken lightbulbs to create whimsical and eco-friendly homes for your little plants. You can follow this tutorial on BHG to create these little green darlings.

decorate windowsill with terrariumsimage source

Mason jars

Mason jars have become a popular decorating item in recent years as they are inexpensive, easy to find and add a rustic charm to any space they are in. You can use colored mason jars alone for your windowsill or use them as pots for your herbs and flowers.

decorate windowsill mason jars

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Candles for cozy windowsills

Candles make your window more dazzling when the sun goes down and especially cozier and warmer-looking in winter nights. Use colorful candle holders for a color pop during the day.

decorate windowsill ideas candles


Windowsills can also act as an alternative bookshelf for you. The colors of the book covers also make your window pop and add a touch of history to it.

windowsill decoration ideas booksimage source

ideas to decorate windowsills with booksimage source

Picture frames

I love the flow of these picture frames, from the floor to the wall and spreading to the windowsill.

decorating windowsil picture framesimage source


Pebbles of different sizes could be used to decorate your windowsills. Stone decorations are especially suitable if you are having a beach styled house, you can also combine pebbles with seashells for an even more coastal look.

ways to decorate windowsillsimage source

Decorate with paper crafts

Did your kids create some wonderful craft projects at school that they are proud to bring to the display? Windowsills would be perfect places to display DIY paper pinwheel, flowers or animals.

decorate your windowsill crafted paper

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A collection teapots or watering cans

Old vintage teapots and watering cans can be bought from flea markets and thrift stores for only a few dollars a piece.

how to decorate windowsills teapots watering cans

image credited to Art

You can also combine any of the above ideas together and create an assortment of decorations on your windowsill. Only remember to use decorations with the same style (rustic, country or modern) in order to create a seemless display for your window.

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