Decorating a small apartment is no easy feat. You must find the fine balance between a bare and an overcrowded look. Most people turn to artworks or book displays to create a sense of decor in a tiny room. However, there is one accessory which everyone has in their houses and which can serve as a great decoration: the carpet. The functions of the carpet are many, beyond the basic ones of keeping warm and muffling the sound of feet. Their color can set the mood of the room. The shape and position of the carpet determines the impression people have concerning the size of the room. All these considerations made us decide to share some helpful tips for choosing carpets for small apartments which compliment any room, no matter how tiny.

#1 Ethnic Chic

This ethnic carpet is a great asset for an otherwise small and hard to decorate room. The placement right under the table and chairs creates an island where the family feels inside a special area of intimacy. The bright colors and unique patterns are sufficient decoration to make the room feel cozy and pleasant.


Source: Designrulz

#2 Large Prints

Nice complementary colors and large floral prints make this carpet a great choice as a space filler between the sofa and the small ottoman. The simple placement of the carpet defines a specific area and creates the sense of reserved space for reading and leisure.


Source: Solib

#3 Wall to Wall Carpet

There is nothing much to be done in this small room shared by two children, except to place a large, wall to wall carpet, in a neutral color similar to wooden floor. The wear resistant texture is also a great idea considering how much children play on the floor with their toys.


Source: Houzz

#4 The Statement Carpet

Square shaped, small and with a bold print on it, this is the carpet version of a painting on the wall. Purely decorative, this kind of carpet can attract the eyes to a certain area of the room and define a point of attraction. This means that you should place it around pieces of furniture which you want to show off.


Source: Houzmags

#5 Area Defining Carpets

We have a clear view here where the home desk area is and where the rest of the living room is. All this thanks to the clever use of carpets in different shapes and prints, to create this clear delimiting between the two functions of the room.


Source: Inhonorofdesign

#6 The Domino Game

When in doubt about the size of the carpet, go for a large number of small ones and arrange them just like a game of domino across the entire floor, or creating various shapes. This will give you great flexibility in redecorating and making the room feel renewed without actually buying different carpets or pieces of furniture.


Source: Solib

#7 Patterned Carpet

One small trick to make a room feel bigger is to choose a carpet with repetitive small patterns. The eye will be tricked into multiplying these patterns and giving the viewer the sense of a larger space than the actual one.


Source: Houzz

#8 Geometrical Shapes Pattern

The rigor of the minimalist design of this room belies its small size. The carpet in bold geometric pattern contributes to this sensation. Geometrical shapes can be very helpful in creating the illusion of larger space, especially circles.


Source: Houzmags

#9 Bold Colors

There is nothing wrong with going against the rules which state that neutral colors make a room feel bigger. This teal colored carpet does not diminish visibly the size of the room. Instead, it creates a visual focal point, attracting attention towards the center, rather than the sides of the room.


Source: Inhnorofdesign

#10 Add Layers

Instead of a huge carpet all over the floor, add various overlapping ones. Just remember one rule: the carpet at the bottom should be in monochrome, allowing the one on top to show off its patterns and colors.


Source: Houzmags

As you can see, it is not hard to find ideal carpets for small apartments. All you need to do is know precisely what kind of effect you want to obtain and pay attention to the way all the colors in the room complement each other.

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