Are you bed sheet, extra pillows and blankets getting out of control? Maybe it’s time for a new linen closet…or maybe it’s time to take a look inside the existing one and put some order in it. Here is something many people struggle with: folding and organizing bulky items, like those usually kept in the linen closet. You won’t believe what a huge difference it makes when you start doing things differently. All the space taken up by one blanket now can accommodate three. And you can even add other items there and de-clutter the rest of your house. Did we make you curious? Then let’s get started with out linen closet organizing tips.

#1 Bundle Winter Duvets With a Ribbon

Thick winter duvets will never stay properly folded and will expand inside the closet to take lots of space. The solution? Find a sturdy piece of ribbon and contain the duvet with it. The final result is both practical and beautiful.

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Source: DIYNetwork

#2 Put Sheets Inside Pillow Cases

Usually a pillow case is large enough to put several folded bed sheets inside. This simple storage solution helps you save space and keep track of bed sets: place all the items belonging to the set inside one pillow case and you will be able to change the sheets at a moment’s notice without using mismatched items.

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Source: OneCrazyHouse

#3 Install File Sorters

Office file sorter are very useful accessories, not just at the office but also inside the linen closets. They help you organize washcloths and small face towels in an ergonomic manner, and for each member of the family, so there are no mix-ups.

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Source: GoodHouseKeeping

#4 Use Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers are very practical for storing lots of bed sheets. This manner of arranging them takes less place than folding them tightly. Plus, there is always a lot of vertical space in the closet which would go otherwise unused.

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#5 Organize Items by Usage

As we said before, with clever organizing comes more free storage space in your linen closet. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it and put shoe cleaning or first aid supplies in there? Just make sure they are contained in properly labeled boxes.

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Source: BHG

#6 Place The Laundry Basket at the Bottom

A lot of mess occurs when there are no clear rules about how to handle laundry and fresh linen. If they are all placed together, in the same closet, each family member will now that they cannot simply drop bed sheets anywhere around the house.

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Source: DIYNetwork

#7 Make Way for the Ironing Board

Since all linen needs to be ironed after washing, it is useful to have a reminder of this by installing a sturdy hook for storing the ironing board on the inside door of the linen closet. In this way, you can save space in the mudroom and have your ironing board readily available before you put away washed laundry in the closet.

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Source: OneCrazyHouse

#8 Fold Towels According to the Drawer Size

Folding clothes and linen is an art. The best folded items are those which fit the type of drawer where they will be placed. Observe below, the same towel is folded differently, to accommodate both a narrow and a deep drawer. It is the small details which make the greatest difference.

linen 5

Source: GoodHousekeeping

#9 Install Hanging Wire Baskets

As we said before, a lot of vertical space inside linen closets is wasted. And this is a shame, because it is so simple to put it to use. For example, this wire basket can be easily installed on a shelf and offer you plenty of storage space for towels.

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#10 Add Towel Racks on the Door

If one half of the door is already occupied by the ironing board, the other half can hold lots of extra towels by installing several bathroom racks. It is a simple DIY work which takes minutes and offers you lots of extra storage space.

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Source: BHG

As you can see, being organized takes you a long way and helps you keep your house clutter free. We hope that these linen closet organizing tips are useful and even inspire you to find new ways to extend the storage space in your closet.

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