Towel, bathrobes, bed sheets – these necessary items without which we cannot live properly are giving small apartment owners big problems when they need to fold and store them. Traditionally, the linen closet offers wide and airy shelves to keep these things neatly ordered and crease free until they are needed. However, linen closets are large and bulky and it is quite unfeasible to install one in a small home. This is why we decided to look around and discover helpful and ingenious linen storage ideas from other people living in small homes. And this is what we found out:

#1 Repurposing an Old Wine Rack

Wine racks are frequently changed to match cutlery and table centerpieces, so the old ones are usually discarded. You should save at least one of them and reuse it at towel holder. As you can see, neatly rolled and placed on the wine rack, these towels form a decorative arrangement, too. And they definitely do not take up a lot of space.

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#2 Keep Linen In Labeled Boxes

Rattan storage boxes are very helpful in so many situations! They have the right height to fit on most types of shelves, are flexible enough to fit in many items in them and look great, so you can install them on open shelves without second thoughts. Labeling the boxes is useful if you want to keep your linen neatly organized and not find a big mess after your kids look for their favorite towels.

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#3 Hang Them on Clothes Rack

This small home owner had just one walk in niche to organize her cutlery, linen and dishes. And she made the most of it with the help of a clever system of hanging shelves and a clothes rack for the linen. As the saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s also a way!

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#4 Arrange Linen in Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets were popular during the ’70s and ’80s to display various china figurines and coffee sets. Now china figurines are quite outdated, but the glass cabinets are still useful. They are rather tall than wide so they will not take up a lot of space in a small room. Plus, you can always identify the towel or bed sheet you want without going through all the stack.

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#5 Use This Clever Trick

If you have a really small space for storing your linen, here’s a useful tip: fold bed sheets and place them inside pillow cases. If your fluffy pillow fits in the case, imagine how many bed sheets can also fit in there and save you lots of storage space!

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#6 Repurpose the Supplies Room

The supplies room is not actually a room, but a very narrow niche, where good housekeepers keep their mop and cleaning supplies. But this is a precious space in a small house and it can be put to better use, by converting it into a linen cabinet with custom made shelves, and even a couple of towel racks installed on the inside of the door. You need to be creative if you want to make sure that you haven’t left out any surface which could help you save storage space in the rest of the house.

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#7 Install a Cupboard at the End of the Corridor

Most corridors are dead ends. They start at the stairs and stop into a wall. This dead end of the corridor is a great place to install a cupboard made to size where you can keep your linen. Be careful to make the measurements accurately and make sure that the doors to the rooms adjacent to the cupboard still open wide enough to allow people to get in and out with ease.

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#8 Ladder, Ladder on the Wall

Old wooden ladders are rustic decorations if you clean and paint them properly. They are also useful as nonconformist racks for towels and linen. This house owner created a great contrast between the modern look of the bathroom and the antiquated look of the ladder. And it looks great! Not to mention, it is very handy for anyone needing a towel.

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#9 Keep Linen in Old Suitcases

Retro decorations are in fashion and some of the most popular decorations of this kind are old leather suitcases. A little worn at the corners, bearing the signs of long use and the memories of exotic trips or rustic family getaways, these suitcases are not just enhancing the look of a room – they also provide a lot of storage space for linen. Instead of investing in expensive DIY storage solutions, you could ask your parents and aunts to give you their discarded vintage suitcases.

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#10 Be a Little Creative

This family found inspiration from a cat scratching post and created this beautiful and practical storage unit for linen. Besides solving the problem of keeping towels well organized, this storage rack gives the bathroom an original look and provides a central point of interest in a room which, usually, has no decorative features.

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And now that we have reached the end of our recommendations for linen storage solutions, we encourage you to share your own ideas with us, or tell us how well any of these ideas fit in your home. Good luck!

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