As holidays are coming closer, children have nearly finished their list of wishes for Santa Claus. And absolutely predictably, toys are on top of their requests as Christmas presents. For parents living in a small apartment or house, more toys represent a worry. Where will you put them away, when you can barely manage to arrange the ones your little ones already have?  Do not let this thought put you off the Christmas spirit, because we are here to help you with a few practical and simple playroom storage ideas. So read on and discover inspiration to keep your children’s toys well organized and your rooms clean and free of clutter.

#1 Clear Plastic Pockets for Dolls

The thrifty shop shoe organizer can be used in many creative ways. The clear plastic pouches can be used to keep your daughter’s dolls, for example. Hang the organizer against the door (one of the most rarely used surfaces in your house) and you won’t have to worry about stepping on a doll by mistake.

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Image sources: Diyncrafts

#2 Rattan Baskets

Light, affordable, and decorative, rattan baskets can be used as storage bins for your children’s toys and then arranged against the walls or on shelves without being an eyesore. You can get creative and arrange a cheerful color scheme with baskets in different colors or label them for easier identification.

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Image source: Home Storage Solutions

#3 Life Saver Playroom Storage Ideas: Lego Boxes

If you have ever stepped on a Lego piece, you know what an excruciating pain those tiny objects can cause. It is one of parents’ worst nightmares, especially because kids rarely put them away after playing with Lego pieces. However, this clever storage and playing table unit will put an end to your problems.

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Image source: Diyncrafts

#4 Keep Colored Crayons in Styrofoam Cups

These Styrofoam cups will help your children keep their colored crayons organized by color. They are very light and easy to hang on the wall and create a beautiful decoration for the walls of your children’s playroom.

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Image source: Architecturendesign

#5 Reuse Milk Crates

Milk crates can be turned into storage bins for plush toys. They are compact sized, made of hygienic plastic and are safe to be used by your children as they play.

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Image source: Architecturendesign

#6 Labeled Beach Bags

Those large textile bags to take your basic necessities to the beach can be used as storage for your children’s toys. If you have two or more kids, each can receive a labeled bag and be responsible to put their toys away.

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Image source: Theidearoom

#7 The Little Toy House

This adorable toy house will certainly encourage your children to be neat and put their toys away. And you will also have lots of fun with this little DIY project.

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Image source: Housetohome

#8 Car Shelves

Is your little one a big fan of toy cars? Are you constantly stepping on them and are running out of ideas where to put them away? Here is a simple and practical idea: these wooden shelves fixed against the wall will solve your problem.

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Image source: Theidearoom

#9 Another Use for Plant Hangers

This decorative plan hanger can be reused as storage unit for your children’s toys. Give it a fresh coat of paint, add a few decorations and you’re done!

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Image source: Architecturendesign

#10 Decorative Textile Pouches

You can make these beautiful storage pouches out of unused aprons or other textile pieces. Hang them against the door or wall and you have solved your problem with the toy storage.

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Image source: Housetohome

And we’re done with our list of recommendations! Which one of these playroom storage ideas do you like best?

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