There is nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot, scented bath after a long day at work. But for many people living in small homes this is just a dream, having to do with a shower cabin. In truth, most bathtub models are large and would barely fit inside a small bathroom. However, makers of bathtubs have understood that not everyone affords a spacious apartment with a full scale bathroom, where you can have all the standard appliances. With every new collection, we see an increase of small sized bathtubs which are a perfect fit even for the most awkward spaces. Today we will take a look at various ideal bathtub models for small apartments.

#1 Deep Soaking Minimal Design Tub

This no-frills bathtub fits nicely in a niche in your bathroom. At 5′ x 30″ footprint, the model is adequate for narrow bathrooms, but offers unexpected comfort, thanks to the 19″ soaking depth, and the beveled edges for a firm grip as you stand up. Made from lightweight ExoCrylic, this tub helps reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds, making it a great choice for environmentally minded people.

bathroom 1

Source: TheSpruce

#2 Minimalist Chic

At 27.5″ width, this bathtub will fit even the smallest bathroom, but it still gives the sense of comfort and relaxation. Rounded edges and a clean, minimalist design ensure that you get most of the soaking space possible inside this tub. It does not have to look large, after all, you need to feel at ease inside your tub.

bathroom 4

Source: Improvenet

#3 Asymmetrical Design

This bathtub is ideal for those challenging spaces with irregular geometry. Wider at one end and narrower at the other, this tub also features a standing shower unit. Just add a curtain and you can use your tub for a quick wash in the morning.

bathroom 5

Source: Homedit

#4 Elderly Friendly Tub

Bathtubs are quite difficult to use by elderly and disabled people. However, everyone deserves a nice, scented bath, and this is why we recommend the Soaker R Walk model. It has a stainless steel, sturdy frame and adjustable feet in height, as well as texturized, anti-slip floor. The headrest is very ergonomic and comfortable.

bathroom 8

Source: HomeBNC

#5 Tiny but Relaxing

This reclining bathtub is really a good fit for any bathroom. At just 4 feet long, the freestanding model on claw feet can be fitted in any corner of your bathroom. Plus, the luxurious feel and look will make you relax like royalty. The reclining style will help you unwind in comfort and forget that you have just a tiny bathroom.

bathroom 10

Source: ElleDecor

#6 Compact and Ergonomic

This bathtub is designed for comfort in a compact size. The tub features full anti-slip surface, headrest and lumbar support and is made of Americast – a lightweight alternative to cast iron, but just as sturdy for long term use.

bathroom 2

Source: TheSpruce

#7 A Shout Out to the 1920s

The roaring ’20s were the time when even the lower classes could enjoy a bathtub in their tiny apartments. This model is inspired from the classic models of the time, adapted for small bathrooms.  At 60″ x 32″ x 20″, this tub makes a perfect fit for your tiny bathroom and offers you a comfortable, curved backrest for maximum relaxation.

bathroom 3

Source: Improvenet

#8 Floor Standing Tub

Freestanding tubs which sit directly on the floor are ideal for tiny bathrooms, because you can find the perfect placement for it and then build the rest of the furnishing around it. This simplified model with clean lines is just what you need if you really have no space to spare.

bathroom 6

Source: Homedit

#9 Japanese Style Tub

In Japan, space is at a premium, so the traditional furniture design has evolved around the principles of simplicity and functionality. This classic Japanese style tub will not allow you to lie full length, but it features an ergonomic and comfortable seat which will help you feel relaxed and soak at ease.

bathroom 7

Source: HomeBNC

#10 Great Design and Compact Size

Where the space is a challenge, the solution for having a bathtub must be just as surprising. This sculptural model offers great comfort, takes just a little space and takes pride of place in your bathroom with its unexpected design.

bathroom 9

Source: ElleDecor

As you can see, you can afford the pleasure of a relaxing bath, even in your tiny bathroom. There are so many other ideal models of bathtubs for small apartments you can choose from, only your imagination and your budget are the limit.

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