Playing is the children’s way of learning about the world around them, exploring possibilities, discovering their talents and socializing. All parents are aware of this and try to create a space where their children can play safely and unhampered. Ideally, children should have a play room which will turn into the study and homework room as they grow older. However, some children live with their parents in tiny homes and the best they can get is a play area in a corner of their room or in the family room. Today we are going to help you organize a play area in the living room for your kids with examples from all over the world.

#1 Little Teepee In the Corner

Many children love playing in Indian teepees because it gives them a sense of safety and secrecy from prying adults’ eyes. Even if you have a small living room, you can still arrange a teepee by the sofa, using a light wooden frame and a few pieces of fabric. The little ones will be more than happy to take over this small domain, and you will still be able to keep a watchful eye on them.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#2 The Cubby Corner

Cubby furniture is very useful for arranging a play area for children. You can store all your child’s favorite toys and coloring books and, when you run out of space, a few wicker and plastic bins will do the trick.


Source: JanetLansbury

#3 The Tree House

This child gets plenty of exercise even indoors thanks to this smart and space saving play area which consists of: climbing wall, tree house (most certainly filled with toys) and sliding chute. In this manner, the clever parents managed to save valuable space on the floor of the living room and create an active play area for their child.


Source: OfDesign

#4 Under the Windows

The best area with children to play is where they get plenty of sunlight. These smart parents have arranged the playing table and children sized chairs under the window and right in front of the heater, so that they will be comfortable and warm during the winter.


Source: BelleMaison23

#5 In Front of the Sofa

When your living room is quite tiny, you can create a safe island for the children to play on a thick and fluffy carpet placed between the sofa and the TV set. This arrangement helps you create a place for children to play under your supervision and save space elsewhere in your tiny home.


Source: FreshDesignpedia

#6 A Cozy Reading Corner

As children grow up and learn how to read and write, they become curious to discover the world of books – and you should encourage them to do so. These simple floating shelves allow your child to pick their favorite books and the cozy reading corner by the window is ideal for an exciting lecture.


Source: FreshDesignpedia

#7 The Chef’s Kitchen

Many kids try their cooking skills since the earliest age with play sets. An interesting idea for the play area is to arrange the toy furniture by your sofa and allow your little one to serve with the tiny tokens of their precocious talent.


Source: ApartmentTherapy

#8 Low Shelves

If your tiny tyke is getting more independent by the day and already able to sit up, this little corner with low shelves installed at the level of their tiny hands is the best solution to encourage him to start exploring the world and have more accuracy with his hand movements.


Source: JanetLansbury

#9 A Perfect Blend

Some parents like to be actively involved in their children’s play. If you are one such parent, the best solution for a play area is to integrate it fully in your living room, allowing the child to play all over the room and around your sitting area. This eclectic style is really nice for any living room and can outlive your child’s pre-school age.


Source: OfDesign

#10 An Even Split

This is a very fair and democratic division of the available space in the living room: the parents get half, the children get the other half. The dividing line is quite visible just looking at the different rugs and wall paint. In this manner, both adults and children get their own space and everyone is happy.


Source: FreshDesignpedia

As you can see, even if you have a small apartment or house, you can still create special play area in the living room for your kids and keep all the family united and happy at all times.

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