For home based entrepreneurs, the arrival of a baby poses a great problem: should I give up my home office to arrange the nursery? Or shall we sacrifice the living room? Since it is not fair for the rest of the family to deprive them of their place for gathering, watching TV and socializing, you must somehow make room for the baby’s nursery in the place where you’re doing business. Many moms and dads have to deal with this office and have come up with a simple and effective idea: shared nursery and office space. Let’s see how they managed to make it work!

#1 Create Separate Sides

One longĀ  side of the room belongs to the baby, the other to the mother who runs a home crafts business. This simple and clear delimitation gives both of them enough space to enjoy. This is proof that work and mommy duty are not mutually exclusive!

nursery office 8

Source: Homedepot

#2 Create Dual Purpose Areas

This working dad runs his internet business and keeps a close eye on the latest addition to the family from the same room. In order to avoid clutter and chaos, he has created this attractive and practical system of shelves on the wall between the desk and the crib, using them both for office supplies and the baby’s story books.

nursery office 7

Source: Begginerbeans

#3 Not the Baby Blues

The cheerful summer sky color of the wall, complemented by the white furniture work perfectly for this mompreneur and her top priority. This baby will grow up with some valuable business acumen, just peeking over mom’s shoulder!

nursery office 6

Source: Babble

#4 Create Functional Areas with Furniture Pieces

You can almost see a delimiting line between the baby’s corner and the business function of the room by the placement of the tall cabinet. This invisible line of separation is the way a busy mom can navigate through the baby’s needs and the business related activities without mixing them up and becoming overwhelmed.

nursery office 3

Source: Appartmenttherapy

#5 Use a Unifying Color Scheme

The way this shared nursery and home office space is decorated creates a sense of order, logic and unity. It is a very simple and effective visual trick, created by the use of blue accents on the most important elements of furniture, which give the sense that every item belongs in that room and does not clutter it.

nursery office 10

Source: Redtri

#6 Every Item In Its Place

This room is really tiny. But the way this clever mom arranged the work desk, nursing armchair and baby crib makes us believe that there is enough space to make it work as home office and nursery. The secret? The clever decision to place the armchair in the corner, a “dead” area in any room, and the desk right under the window – another rarely used space in the room.

nursery office 1

Source: MelissaDell

#7 Keep It Minimal

This home based entrepreneur and parent has pushed the limits of minimalism to the maxim. There is nothing superfluous in this small room. The desk with the computer, the crib and the changing table. Such a neat person is most certainly a great role model for their children, and a careful business owner.

nursery office 2

Source: Woodenflamingo

#8 The Working Corner

The baby works on surrealistic artworks, while the mother runs a home based business. Both activities take place in the same room and this is a great way for mother and child to bond and for the little one to learn the basic principles of being neat and ordered in your activities.

nursery office 4

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#9 Opposite Corners

The way this mom organized the nursery and office space makes you think that the room is spacious. In fact, it is an average to small sized room, but the judicious organizing of furniture in each separate corners leaves the center of the room free for walking through it.

nursery office 5

Source: Woodenflamingo

#10 Get In The Middle

In this ergonomic arrangement, the work from home mom can navigate between crib, changing table and desk with great ease. The desk is placed right against the short wall of the room and is not in the way for anyone walking in to check up on the baby.

nursery office 9

Source: Apartmenttherapy

These inspirational examples of shared nursery and office space prove that being a parent and a home based entrepreneur are quite possible. You will need lots of patience and great time management skills, but you can surely make it – and amaze everyone with your multi-tasking skills.

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