A lot of people wish they had a garden, no matter how tiny. Just a small patch of land under the sun to plant some beautiful flowers and herbs. What can be healthier and more delicious than to go and pick a handful of parsley, basil or cilantro directly from your own garden instead of buying it from the supermarket, wrapped in a plastic box? For all of you who are both health and environmentally conscious, we have done some research and discovered tn creative ideas for having your own herbal garden indoor. That’s right, you can have your small garden, straight inside your apartment. How is that possible? Let’s see!

#1 Mason Jars to the Rescue

Mason jars are large enough to put some soil in them and herb seeds and start your own small herbal garden. This simple and effective arrangement, using a piece of wooden board and some metal bands for fastening the jars to it helps you keep your herbs close at hand in the kitchen and never forget to water them.


Source: HouseBeautiful

#2 Convert a Bookshelf into a Garden

These shelves are sturdy enough for quite a lot of potted plants. You can mix flowers and decorative plants with herbs for added effect – just don’t mix them up when you are cooking. This kind of shelf garden can thrive on any balcony as a separating wall dividing the cooking and dining areas.


Source: Homedit

#3 Sunken Kitchen Island Garden

Look how nice and handy this tiny herb garden looks! Right in the middle of the kitchen island, next to cooking oil, vinegar and wine bottles, the herbs are just ready to be picked and incorporated into your delicious dishes.


Source: Brit

#4 The Hanging Herb Garden

Where space is really a big problem, there is one simple and creative solution: create an upside-down hanging garden of various herbs. It looks great and it makes it so easy for you to pick whatever you need as you are cooking.


Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#5 Go Vertical

For really tight and tiny spaces, here is yet another simple and creative solution: a tiered herb garden which can be easily made from a few pieces of wood, metallic rods and mason jars. The arrangement makes it easy for you to water all the plants and pick whichever you need.


Source: PioneerSettler

#6 The Self Watering Garden

If you have a busy schedule and tend to forget to do minor chores, such as watering the plants, this simple DIY project will help you have an ever green and healthy herbs garden without worrying about it. All you need is a mason jar and the upper part of a wine bottle (with long neck).


Source: HouseBeautiful

#7 All-In-One Garden

Large decorative ceramic pots are ideal for an all-in-one herb garden indoor. Herbs and plants have no problem growing so close one to the other and you will save space and time when you have to water them.


Source: Homedit

#8 Use Gutter Elements

Gutter elements are usually made of aluminum, a lightweight metal which does not rust. These elements are perfect as vertical trays for various herbs. This solution is not just space saving, but also very decorative in your kitchen.


Source: Brit

#9 Give New Life to Old Teacups

It happens all the time: you break a few teacups or saucers and the set is incomplete. It does not look nice to serve guests from mismatched cups, but what can you do to make the remaining ones useful? That’s simple: turn them into tiny pots for herbs! They look so pretty and they are now useful again for a long time.


Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

#10 The Small Pot Which Rains

This is an adorable DIY project if you want to make your herb garden look truly unique: the vessel above the pot, shaped like a cloud, has tiny holes at the bottom. Thus, when you put water in it, the small droplets falling from the bottom will imitate rain perfectly.


Source: PioneerSettler

And we’re done! We have reached the end of our list of ideas for creating your own herb garden indoor. We hope that you will find at least one of these solutions inspirational and practical to create your own. Good luck!

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