Mornings are always in a rush, especially if you have kids who need to get to kindergarten or school in time. And no matter how much you are in a hurry, you should always have a hearty and healthy breakfast to keep you going through the day. But preparing and having breakfast in a tiny kitchen and with the clock ticking away is quite a challenge. This is why you should consider creating a breakfast station. It makes sense to keep everything you need for breakfast neatly organized and within reach, saving you both time and space. Today we will share with you ten ideas to organize a breakfast station efficiently and on a budget.

#1 The Pull-Out Table

This simple and neat solution is the best option for a tiny and crammed kitchen. You can also use it as a chopping block for preparing meals and thus dispense with the cumbersome table. It may only offer space for two to have breakfast, but it is a way to bring your family together each morning.


Source: Honeyandfitz

#2 Purchase a Ceramic Breakfast Breakfast Set

This great looking ceramic set is everything you need to have breakfast ready within minutes and serve it to your family in a space saving manner. From the tray for cereal biscuits to the sugar cubes holder, all the pieces of the set fit on a regular kitchen tray and can hold all the food you need for a family of four to enjoy a healthy breakfast together.


Source: LiveSimplyByAnnie

#3 Open Bar Style

If your children are old enough to fix their own breakfast, then this open bar style is the smart solution to save time each morning. Arrange all the ingredients on the floating shelves, put the bowls, cutlery, coffee machine and juice squeezer handy and everyone will be able to prepare their favorite breakfast within minutes.


Source: Decoholic

#4 The Retro Breakfast Maker

This 1950’s style inspired home appliances is all the rage on various large online stores. It allows you to prepare toast, coffee, poached eggs and sausages at the same time, saving you considerable time each morning. Plus, it looks really nice with its quaint, retro design!


Source: CountryLiving

#5 Take Advantage of Every Nook

This nook was probably built to fit in a fridge or a cooking stove, but it can be more useful to you to install a couple of shelves and a table and create a space saving breakfast station. Although small, it is sufficient to arrange all the small appliances you need for breakfast, such as the toaster and the coffee machine.


Source: BHG

#6 A Seat for Every One

How can you keep your children nicely seated at the breakfast table instead of running amok around the house? By letting each of them pick their favorite chair. This eclectic display is both useful and attractive, adding a bit of color to your kitchen and helping you keep everything together each hectic morning.


Source: Brit

#7 A Place for Everything

When the husband wants English Breakfast tea, while your daughter clamors for blueberry tea and you just yearn for some energizing green tea, making breakfast can take forever. But with this cleverly partitioned drawer, every family member can take their favorite tea bag and make their own tea, saving you precious time.


Source: Donnavining

#8 Cereal Dispensers

Self service stations in stores where you can quickly get biscuits, pet food, frozen vegetables and other wholesale products are a great idea which you can implement in your own home. This neat breakfast station allows every family member to pour as much as they want from their favorite cereal brand and quickly add milk from the fridge. In this way, you do not have to worry about anything else except for replenishing the dispensers when they are empty.


Source: Honeyandfitz

#9 Use a Bar Cart as Breakfast Station

Here is a quick and easy way to serve breakfast and put everything away: use a bar car to arrange plates, bowls, coffee cups and juice glasses and then roll it in a corner after everyone has had breakfast.


Source: Decoholic

#10 Make Use of Awkward Corners

Awkward corners are both a challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate your creativity in putting it to work and creating a useful area. In this case, the two cabinets fitting nicely in the angled space and the kitchen island designed to fit in the specific geometry of the space create a spacious and well organized breakfast station.


Source: BHG

Having reached the end of our ideas to organize a breakfast station, we hope that you find our recommendations helpful so that you can prepare breakfast faster and more conveniently each morning.

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