Even if we live in the digital age with most of our correspondence being done by email, we still have to deal with lots and lots of postal mail. From bills to catalogs, to unsolicited marketing offers, envelopes keep piling up and it is hard to keep everything neat. Beside trying to avoid clutter, you want to avoid the risk of throwing away something important. Thus, it is important to create a clear and organized system for sorting and storing mail which everyone in the family understands and uses. Today we will show you ten useful and creative ways to organize postal mail at home.

#1 Blackboard with Mail Slot

This is a very useful way to have a place where you can leave small notes for your family and keep incoming mail. No need to put post-it notes on the fridge anymore, just write on the board and leave reminders for incoming packages or anything you want to tell your spouse and children.

mail 2

Source: PopSugar

#2 DIY Wire Mail Holder

This creative mail holder was made by a family whose name, we assume, starts with W. Whether you want to follow this example or create a pattern with your own, wire holders for mail are quite easy to make and very decorative in your entryway.

mail 4

Source: YouAreHome

#3 Mail Bins

These small bins, which you can buy in any toy store, were easy to personalize with IN and OUT to show every family member where to place envelopes and other types of postal mail. If you are out of more creative ideas, this simple and sensible mail sorting solution will certainly work for you.

mail 6

Source: BHG

#4 Buy a Filing Cabinet

Small filing cabinets can be found in furniture stores in the Office section. These cabinets are designed with many small drawers and pigeonholes to help you organize mail by importance, or even to create a sort of mail box for each member of your family.

mail 8

Source: RealSimple

#5 Wire Basket

This is yet another simple, efficient and space saving mail organizing solution. A wire basket by your entrance door will remind everyone to put in all postal mail and not scatter it about the house.

mail 10

Source: ApartmentTherapy

#6 Install a Window Shutter

Old wooden window shutters are easy to salvage and repurpose as mail organizers. A fresh coat of paint, and they are ready to be installed on a wall and be useful for placing incoming postal mail.

mail 1

Source: Popsugar

#7 Letter and Key Holder

This is a very simple DIY project for a cold weekend when you don’t feel like going outside. All you need are a few pieces of wood, glue, a few metal hooks, sandpaper and transparent lacquer for a refined finish.

mail 3

Source: YouAreHome

#8 Install the Mail Organizer in a Shallow Niche

Some niches are created simply for installing a few coat hooks and have a sort of mudroom. But they are too shallow to be truly useful for this purpose. However, they are ideal for installing several shelves for newspapers, magazines, envelopes and any kind of postal mail you receive.

mail 5

Source: BHG

#9 Filing System Mail Organizer

Reception desks are the ideal place to observe how judicial correspondence filing is done. There are color codes for various categories of mail as well as label with the recipients’ names. You can easily replicate this system, especially if you have a large family and every member receives lots of correspondence and catalogs.

mail 7

Source: RealSimple

#10 Pegboard with See Through Boxes

This simple and fun looking mail organizer is very easy to make and every family member can add their own little mail box and label it accordingly. The pegboard is one of the most versatile surfaces for creating all sorts of organizers. For example, beside the mail boxes, you can also add hooks for keys and thumbtacks for leaving small notes for your family.

mail 9

Source: ApartmentTherapy

These are very simple and efficient ideas to organize postal mail – indeed, there are many other ways in which you can devise an area where all envelopes and brochures should be placed as soon as they are received. We are looking forward to hearing your own solutions for keeping your correspondence neatly organized,


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