Working from home is not new, but it gains more and more acceptance from large companies across the globe. It is predicted that soon enough, most of the world’s workforce will operate remotely, from the comfort of their home. Until this becomes a reality, we will take a look at what it means working from your home office in the present. For people living in small houses and apartments, creating a home office space is quite a challenge. Every inch of space matters, so you have to be extra careful and creative in using them. To give you a helping hand, we will share with your some of the most inspirational home office storage ideas we found after an in-depth search.

#1 Wall Mounted Cubby Holes

Both useful and decorative, cubby holes are the perfect storage solution for small home offices. Use your imagination and create attractive and ergonomic configurations and designate each cubby hole for a specific type of items (client folders, tax returns and bills, marketing materials, etc.). With careful planning, you can expand cubby holes all over the room and maximize the storage capacity of the walls.

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Source: Shelterness

#2 Repurpose Classic Furniture

This beautifully carved old-time secretaire is too bulky to be useful in the house as a cupboard for linen or tableware. But this resourceful person turned it into an all-in-one home office: work desk, many storage areas for documents and office supplies and even fresh flowers and framed family photos!

office 4Source: BHG

#3 High-Tech Minimalist Hold-All

This custom made storage panel has sufficient pockets to hold all the essential office supplies needed for work. The high-tech theme, inspired by the designs used by one of the most recognizable computer and smartphone makers is apparent, and fits in perfectly with the rest of the home office color scheme and style.

office 6

Source: IdealHome

#4 Desk with Storage Space

Large wooden desks are too bulky for a small home office, unless you opt for a model which incorporates open shelves on the sides. In this way, you can dispense with storage cabinets and can work comfortably, having everything you need close at hand.

office 8

Source: DigsDigs

#5 Blackboard with Storage Slots

The old school blackboard was not fully banished by modern flipcharts and white boards. Many home based employees and entrepreneurs use blackboards for writing memos, reminders and deadlines. It also helps if the blackboard is equipped with storage slots for correspondence and office supplies. You can take things further and add several other cubby holes or open shelves and create your unique work place where you can be productive.

office 10

Source: Freshome

#6 Industrial Shelves

Large warehouses use open shelving units to store as many items as possible taking up the least amount of space possible. This philosophy is exactly what you need for creating an ergonomic home office in a small apartment. As you can see, this person has their entire office mounted on a single wall, making the most of vertical 1

Source: Shelterness

#7 Take Advantage of the Window Sill

Many people install their work desk by the window to take advantage of natural light as much as possible. If this is the case, do not forget that the window sill can provide plenty of storage space for your paperwork and office supplies. These small details make the difference between a well organized home office and a cramped and cluttered one.

office 3

Source: BHG

#8 Repurpose a Bird Cage

If you look in your closet, you will find lots of mementos – things from the past, with fond memories attached to them, but without any present practical use. However, some of them can be repurposed. Your pet parrot from childhood may be gone, but its cage is still here and can be used as a storage unit for correspondence or supplies you need for your craft work. What a lovely way to give new meaning to a treasured keepsake!

office 5

Source: IdealHome

#9 Open Shelves

Open shelves are life savers for any small room. Thy don’t make it look cluttered, and they offer plenty of storage space for many items. Here is an useful tip: once you decide to install open shelves on the wall, place them on the entire available length. Trust us, sooner or later you will put to use every inch of them.

office 7

Source: DigsDigs

#10 A New Use for an Old Ladder

Ladders are useful for many other things than for climbing to reach high areas. Over the time, we have shown many ways in which ladders can be used as creative storage solutions. Here is a brand new way: you can arrange newspapers and magazines you read or use in your work on the rungs and thus mark the exact page you want to refer to later on.

office 9

Source: Freshome

Finally, remember that the environment you work in is reflected in your work. Thus, it is important to use any other home office storage ideas you can think of to keep your work area neatly ordered and free of clutter.

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