Sewing is one of the most popular hobbies which can potentially evolve into a small home business. Talented and skilled people start by making their own clothes, decorating boring off-the-shelf items with embroideries, buttons or sequins and later on even taking orders from their family and friends to customize their clothes. As you persist in this hobby, items will keep piling up: ribbons, thread spools, pieces of fabric and other tiny knickknacks. Where will you keep them neat and tidy, keeping in mind that you are living in a small house? Here are a few simple and inspirational sewing room storage ideas to help you plan your hobby room.

#1 Filing Cabinet for Fabrics

Office filing cabinets are very useful in your sewing room. The particular design for storing box-files is perfect for storing fabrics wrapped around pieces of cardboard. Thus, you have all your fabrics neatly stored, always close at hand and never getting in your way when you don’t need them.

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Source: Mellysews

#2 L-shaped Working Table

This space saving desk model is very useful if you have little space available and want to make the most of it. While one side of the table serves as sewing table, the other can be your working desk, where you can take care of paperwork. In this way, you can take care both of the practical and business part of your small sewing business.

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Source: Seasonedhomemaker

#3 The Ever Helpful Pegboard

Pegboards are always good things to have around the house. They can be used for storing various small items on them. In the case of sewing rooms, a simple pegboard can become an efficient and handy organizer for your thread spools, scissors, fabric samples and other such accessories.

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Source: Allpeoplequilt

#4 Sliding Shelves

The sewing machine is by far the bulkiest item in your sewing room. If you do not have enough room to keep it permanently sitting on a table, this space saving cupboard with sliding shelves is the ideal solution for storing your sewing machine, sewing supplies and other items.

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Source: Allpeoplequilt

#5 Dinning and Sewing Room

Many people continue to maintain a separate dining room in their house, even if it is tiny. This is a very laudable decision, because too few families continue to have meals together on a daily basis. However, it is not practical to keep a room unused for any other purpose than eating. A dining room is an ideal place to arrange your sewing room and thus save space in your house.

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Source: Seasonedhomemakers

#6 Modular Work Space

With the explosion of home based businesses, furniture makers have adapted their products and created entire collections dedicated to home offices: beautiful and homey looking furniture with lots of storage space and multiple functionalities. Such a home desk is the ideal place to bring all your sewing supplies, place your sewing machine and start creating.

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Source: Allpeoplequilt

#7 Sewing and Measuring Table

One of the best pieces of adviceĀ  for people living and working in small houses is to use every available surfaces. For example, look at your sewing table. It is so easy to glue the measuring tape to the edge of the table and forget about the fuss about looking for it all over your sewing room. Simple and practical!

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Source: Mellysews

#8 Mobile Table

A sewing room does not have to be a permanent fixture in your home. Once you have finished doing your sewing work, you should be able to invite your friends over for tea and a movie and entertain them in the same room where you do your sewing. A table fitted with castor wheels is the answer to your conundrum: once you finished working, you can roll it away into the pantry or against a wall.

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Source: Houzz

#9 Repurpose Old Ladders

In this case, a piece from an old ladder can be sanded, cleaned, fitted with pegs and thus it becomes a very useful and innovative storage solution for thread spools. Now you won’t have to scour through all drawers to find a specific color of thread which you need for any of your sewing projects.

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Source: Craftsy

#10 Fit Your Sewing Room In the Utility Room

Another space in the home which is not put to maximum use is the utility room where you keep your washing machine, dryer, and airing cabinets. This room is not used on a daily basis and thus represents lost space for you. If you have a hobby which needs various supplies, such as sewing, it makes sense to arrange your working corner in the utility room. Now you can really say that you’ve taken advantage of every inch in your house.

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Source: Houzz

As you can see, there are many ingenious ways in which you can fit in a sewing room and follow your hobby even if you live in a really small house. We hope that after looking at these sewing room storage ideas you have found at least one which can be applied in your house.

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