Every family wants to have a quiet and peaceful corner to have their meals together. However, this can be quite difficult to furnish if you are living in a small apartment or house. Most families have to use the kitchen or the living room as dining rooms, but this option does not work very well when you also have guests for dinner. This is why today we would like to help you with these simple and effective small dining room sets and ideas. They are affordable for most families’ budgets and can help you be a good host and bond with your family over a nice homemade meal.

#1 Install an Expandable Table

This type of table can be expanded to accommodate up to 6 people, or shrunk for 3 or 4 people. In this way, you can save space when you do not have guests and manage to walk around the room doing your chores. And when you have friends for dinner, all you have to do is put the table in the middle of the room and bring 2 extra chairs.

dining room 4

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#2 Choose Small Dining Room Sets in Monochrome

Small spaces will look even smaller and more cramped if you furnish it in a large variety of colors. Instead, bet on a soothing monochrome color for the dining room furniture and express your personal style with flower arrangements on the table or paintings on the wall.

dining room 2

Image source: Southernliving

#3 Replace Traditional Chairs with See Through Ones

Transparent chairs seem to take no space at all in the visual economy of a small room. They can fit very well with various types of furniture and decorations and add a note of originality to your dining room. Many models of modern transparent chairs are also nestable, so you can put them away saving space when you do not not need them.

dining room 7

Image source: Decoist

#4 Red Accents

Whitewashed rooms can be made to look attractive and inviting with a few red accents. Scientists say that red is the only color which increases the heart rate and can induce the sense of hunger. This makes it perfect for a dining room, doesn’t it?

dining room 9

Image source: HouseBeautiful

#5 Enhance the Height of the Room

Vertical stripes and tall ornaments (such as a hanging lamp with minimalist design) will make people look up towards the ceiling, note the vertical space of the room and forget about its small surface.

dining room 1

Image source: Southernliving

#6 Make Use of the Window Seat

If your house has a bay window with a window seat, this is the perfect setting for your dining room. Just look at the cozy atmosphere given by the round table and the profusion of light coming from the windows. Your family and friends will adore to have lunch or dinner with you in this nook.

dining room 6

Image source: BHG

#7 The Rustic Look

These wicker chair and wooden table make you think of grandpa’s cabin in the woods. They are also affordable and easy to fit into a tight space.

dining room 5

Image source: BHG

#8 Foldable Table

For the really cramped living space, the foldable table is a life saver. You put it up when you have your meals, and then you fold it against the wall to have some space to move around the room. With a beautifully patterned tablecloth on top, nobody will guess that this is basically a camping table.

dining room 3

Image source: Apartmenttherapy

#9 The Big-Small Concept

Neatly arranged, these small stuffed chairs and small table look bigger than they really are. As an extra tip, if you live in a house with a garden, arrange the dining room next to the French windows to get as much natural light and create the illusion of extra space.

dining room 8

Image source: Decoist

#10 Two-In-One Concept

This is a living room with a dining corner. The room is both a unitary space, and has an invisible demarcation line between its two functions. This is the best arrangement if you really cannot find the extra space to arrange an individual dining room.

dining room 10

Image source: HouseBeautiful

These simple and affordable small dining room sets will hopefully be inspirational for you and will give you an idea about how to arrange your own small apartment so that you can receive dinner guests and have your meals together with the entire family.

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