Arranging a cozy and inviting living room in your small apartment is quite a challenge. You cannot put all the pieces of furniture you would want, because there is simply not enough space in the room. Plus, you wouldn’t want your living room to look like a furniture showroom. You still want to be able to walk through it and bring coffee and drinks for your family and friends. So we have decided to look up various small living room furniture ideas and share them with you.

#1 The Downsized Sofa

Usually, the sofa takes up most of the space in a living room. A full 4-seater sofa can make your living room really diminutive, so it is out of the question. However, a 2-seater plus an ottoman on one side and an armchair on the other will offer you the same seating space without making your look look too cramped.

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Image source: Houzz

#2 Choose Modern, Minimalistic Furniture

Modern furniture designers take into account that people also live in small houses so they have simplified the overall look and design, without sacrificing functionality. Extra tip: choose a bright, bold colors for the walls and create a dynamic, fresh look for your small living room.

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Image source: BHG

#3 Decorate Your Whole Room in White

White is the ideal color to open up space and make your room look bigger than it actually is. Of course, the main worry is keeping your living room spotless clean. However, it is a worthwhile sacrifice – this room looks absolutely wonderful!

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Image source: Realsimple

#4 Take Advantage of Window Seating Space

Do you have an old-style bay window? This is the perfect place to arrange a seating area for two with beautiful decorative cushions. It can turn into your favorite reading corner or for having your morning coffee.

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Image source: Houzz

#5 Nesting Furniture

A coffee table with chair nested nicely under it saves a lot of space in your living room. When not in use, the chairs are placed under the table and the table itself can be pushed in a corner.

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Image source: Potterybarn

#6 Furniture with Storage Space

A sofa with a storage shelf underneath is a great space saver for your small living room. You can store table cloths, books, or any other items which you need from time to time and have them ready at hand whenever you plan to use them.

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Image source: HouseBeautiful

#7 Facing Sofas

Creating a conversation island in the middle of the room is much more effective than placing all furniture against the wall and making it awkward for your guests to carry on conversations. With a small coffee table in the middle, you have managed to make the best use of the available space. Extra tip: add mirrors to make the room seem more spacious.

small living 8

Image source: Freshome

#8 Back to Back Seating

The opposite of the previous idea is to arrange two small sofas back to back in the middle of the room. It is recommended to select sofa models with exposed legs, which create the illusion of more space.

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Image source: Realsimple

#9 Be Original About the Coffee Table

Coffee tables are not supposed to take up a lot of space in your living room. In the example we liked, two African drums were reused as coffee table. As you can see, they take up only a little space in the living room.

small living 6

Image source: HouseBeautiful

#10 Focus Attention on the Ceiling

If your living room is really small, you should use this simple trick of decorating your ceiling in a manner that draws people’s eyes towards it.

small living 9

Image source: Freshome

And that’s the end of our recommendations. Hopefully, one of these small living room furniture ideas is exactly what you need for your home.

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